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Mentally and Physically Exhausted!

Posted by: radheekam

sir,am 32 yrs female,had a difficult childhood,due to very bad family atmosphere.father abusive towards mother.am a single child so had no one to share.too much anger got suppressed.during my teenage time,masturbation helped me relax and sleep.i never showed how much anger is penting inside me and was sweet with everyone.got married 5 years back.facing lots of verbal abuse from my inlaws.am most of the time overworked,deprived majorly from sleep since my husband has been in the habit of watching t.v at night and sleeping in the day.but now he has started understanding my problem.but my health has deteoriated very badly physically and mentally.am tired whole day.cannot hold urine,it leaks if have to hold it for while.very heavy and frquent with foul odour. excessive burning in urine passage and vagina.extremely lessened sexual desire.stomach is disordered with constipation followed by semi-loose formed motion.intestinal scrappings come sometimes.mucous is also present and blood also sometimes.below navel abdomen is tender.menses are scanty(for 1.5day only) with mucous and black clots.had polycystic ovaries earlier but took homeo medicine and is cured.cycle is normal.PMS is experienced every month followed by great deal of pain in complete back.maintaining physical relationships is difficult as there is immense pain in hips,thighs and calf muscles accopanied by dryness in eyes and heat.pubic region is painful while walking esp on right side.between lower abdomen and pubic region is also tender.entire back is stiff,including shoulders,feels always painful.head is always mildly painful with pain at back of the head at neck.i crave for juicy fruits,sweet desire and more inclination towards cold foods.cannot digest milk.although fingers and toes esp and back spine is icy cold.on lying on the bed all 3 become very cold even in warm quilts but lying in warm quilts give very high internal heat and dryness in mouth.sleep is not refreshing.feel tired and bruised in the morning.pain and redness in left eye prominent in stress.am underweight,face full of sorrow and look like a skeleton sometimes.jaws and teeth are painful with sore gums.dry skin with great deal of itching and burning outside nose opening,above lips,inner eye corner.in year 2009 due to paucity of time mostly i had consumed handy fruits or sweets just to keep me going.but now i am taking care of my diet.mouth taste becomes sweet on eating popcorn,apples,hard fruit.body is always craving for curd.sometimes teeth also taste metallic.hair very thin,very dry,lifeless.i feel i am mentally and physically exhausted from a very long time.always biting my lips and inner cheeks.
pls help.

This needs to be sorted out by an experienced homeopath. Contact the homeopathy organization in your country for a referral. You can find that information here: https://hpathy.com/homeopathy-organizations/
A. Schmukler