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Can damia plant help for impotence, perfect erection and time duration?

Can damia plant help for impotence, perfect erection and time duration?

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how much time does damiaplant take to give perfect results. for; impotence, perfect erection and time duration? i mean either it takes couple of days or weeks to give perfect results if someone is much weak? i wanna use it with my partner is it suitable remedy for me iam also suffering from wet dreams as well.either once or twice a weak i face to wetdreams wht made me sexually weak.

Hello, I am sorry to hear about your problem For such an issue, you would benefit of a one-to-one consultation to ensure a proper case analysis, prescription and case management. Self-prescription does not work very well Homeopathy should help for your condition. Please be so kind to contact a homeopath in your area. For information, here is a list of recognised organisations:

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Thierry Clerc

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  • Plz tell me good homeopathy medicine for saxual performs and how I improve deuration of sax and quality of sax……….

  • Dear sir I have no problem in erection or I should say perfect erection every day or every time but one very big problem is as I m going to start intercours within 30 second I m released, its so imbreasing 4 or 5 short then finish sex. Please help in this regards, I have damiaplant but scared to use it what I will do