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Tailbone pain and Hypericum

Tailbone pain and Hypericum

Posted by: Joel

My wife has severe tailbone pain. After reading that Hypericum might help, we purchased Hypericum perforatum 30C. The directions said to take 3 tablets 1-3 times per day until symptoms were relieved. She did this for a couple of days but the pain got worse. A family friend does some homeopathy and told my wife to wait until the pain subsided then dissolve one tablet in a cup of water and take one teaspoon of the liquid. This too caused increase pain so my wife stopped taking anything. So, was this a normal response and would the pain eventually have gone away? And, is there a dose that would work without causing the pain to get worse? I have since read that some people with the same condition have gotten relief with a 200C dose and some with a 1M dose. Finding these is difficult to do. Any help you could give would be really appreciated. Joel from USA

Hi Joel,
Homeopathy is a science where individualisation of the case is highly necessary for good results. In all chronic cases, after a detailed case history it is the task of the homeopath to not only select the most suitable remedy but then to fine tune it by selecting the suitable potency and deciding on the suitable form of repetition (if necessary) for the case. Hypericum perforatum may or may not have been the right remedy for your wife – for prescribing, it is not sufficient to know only the fact that she has tailbone pain. Depending on other symptoms, type of pain, modalities (what makes the pain worse or better), presence of any accessory symptoms, etc., another remedy may well be better suited than Hypericum. It is in her best interest to consult a homeopath in person for proper treatment.

Best wishes,
Dr. Firuzi Mehta

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Dr. Firuzi Mehta qualified in homeopathic medicine in 1997 and then completed her HMD from the British Institute of Homoeopathy, London. In 1998, she also attended an Introductory Course in Anthroposophic Medicine and Iscador Therapy for Cancer at the Lukas Klinik in Arlesheim, Switzerland now known as Klinik Arleshim. After working for over 5 years with an eminent homeopath in Mumbai, to gain work-experience, she started her own practice in 2001. She reviews homeopathic books as and when the opportunity arises and firmly believes that one's knowledge is always incomplete and needs to grow. She is currently enrolled with—and studying for—the 2 year E-Learning Programme offered by Prof. George Vithoulkas' International Academy of Classical Homeopathy.


  • I have been suffering from tailbone pain for six months, i hv also pain in lumber version,can i hv some suggestions For the same. Thanks!’

  • Hello Mr. Jain, it is best you consult a homoeopath for a detailed review of your problem. Only then can proper treatment be initiated. Homoeopathy is a science that gives best results after minute observation and attention is given to details. A few lines outlining your problem will not enable us to prescribe for you successfully.

    Best of luck,
    Firuzi Mehta

    • hello
      i m suffering from anxiety from last three years,recently i have started taking homeopathic treatment ,so doctor gave me hypericum perfortatum ,can i take this along with paroxetine….please reply madam.

    • Dear Dr Firuzi Mehta

      My wife facing several problems from few days, can you suggest any homeopathy medicine for her.
      Problem 1= backache
      2= liquid (watery like ) odour less and color less flown out some time.
      3= liver have some fats tested confirm. Have finger tips swelling and low blood flow in fingers and both hands
      4= from few days she feeling lot of pain in her Virginia.
      5= have cervical pain.
      6= burning hands and feets
      7= some time having migration headache too.

      Hope you will reply on email with homeopathy prescription.
      Shahid Mahmood

  • My wife slipped in bath room a week back,since then she is having pain in tail bone while sitting and she has to adjust her posture. Please let me know the homeopathy remedy.

  • nefew is not well.He is having pain and a tumer. In his tailbone . actual posision I don’t know.but it’s malignant .If u can advice something I will send u the medical details.Pl.Dr. help him out he is a boy of 20 yes old .very bright student .he is in too much pain.

  • good afternoon sir/madam

    my problem is my tailbone turning point is crack on my leg is sleep in water on 2014
    i have all doctor treatment but regulary pain in tailbone doctor suggestion is tailbone is calcium is low please suggestion tailbone porblem

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