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Higher potencies vs. Lower Potencies in Homeopathy

Higher potencies vs. Lower Potencies in Homeopathy

Posted by: Manish

To what extent it is true that, higher potency of homeopathic medicines will take longer to cure as compared to the lower potency medicine? If explained with an example will be highly appreciated. Like XYZ of 200 C potency will take longer to give relief as compared to XYZ 30 C. Logic behind the above given by some self proclaimed expert of homeopathy is that the lower potency contains much more of the basic content so cures much faster.
Manish from India

Dear Manish,
Ths is a very interesting question. In homeopathy, the remedies are not given for the amount of “chemical component they are”, but because they fit the “picture of the symptoms” the most – the similinum (“the most similar” in Latin). When this remedy is found, then we give it in a potentised dose, which means diluted so that it does not physically poison the patient and succused, to increased the energetic imprint.
Selecting the right potency depends on how the homeopath and how he or she has been trained. Lower potencies (below 30C) are very common in Continental Europe while Higher Potencies (200C and above) are used a lot in the English-speaking world, and India.
I personally use a lot low potencies for organ drainage and detoxification, when the “vitality of the patient” (its ability to respond to symptoms) is weak, and high potencies when the symptoms are very strong or in the emotional sphere. There is no rule on what can cure faster, and will depend on the case. If a remedy is well selected, the patient will respond well… the high potencies can bring a more drastic re-balancing.
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