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Treatment for disc prolapse and high cholesterol

Treatment for disc prolapse and high cholestero

Posted by: Sal Rizvi

Hi, Im 39 years old married man. With my last annual physical test, I had slightly high cholestoral level.
Friend of mine advised me to take Crataegus -20ml (mother tincher-sorry about misspell). Im taking 5 drops, 3 times a day. Is this safe to use?

Also, I have a severe back problem. Actually, my last MRI report showed 2 hernited disc and 1 bulging disc. Are there any medicine to cure this thing ? I dont want to go for surgical procedures. Im in USA and Homeopathy is not really popular here. In fact, health insurance dont even cover homeopathic treatments.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Sal,

I am not sure why you friend has advised Crategus for raised cholesterol. I am not aware of any such indication. A slightly raised cholesterol can be easily controlled with diet modification, pranayam or deep breathing exercises, and mild exercise. The more medicines you take, the more dependent you become on them and more difficult it becomes to cure you.

Homeopathy does not consider disease as an isolated entity. It views various complaints of a person (even if seemingly unrelated) as reflection of a central disturbance. Hence its focus is on treating the whole person and not isolated disease entities. It tries to find the cause or your ill-health and treats accordingly. With a rightly selected medicine, not only your cholesterol level will come down but also you back problem will be aided a lot. But both your conditions require personal effort too. Herniated disks need lot of bed rest for recovery. And the prognosis depends upon the stage. Homeopathy, with proper life-style measures and general management can help both your problems.

Wishing you health,
Dr. B

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  • When u cannot give solution to a visitor and always saying that visit to a homeopath then what is the use for visiting the site? I have visited to so many so called homeopaths they tried more then 40-50 medicine but no relief but they created problem for me. Even though I know more then 10 patients who were visiting homeopaths were having same problem .homeopathic medicine causes nervous system week and after that no remedy to cure it will remain like that life long.It is not for sensitive people.

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