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Treatment for insomnia

Treatment for insomnia

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i can’t sleep night time.i am sleepnessless most of time during night.lot of things comes in mind.miner aches in whole body,legs also hurt.i feel lot of gas in stomach and indigestion.i was on medication like tagamet,zantec,pepsid,prelosic,maloxs.

Dear Mr. Idhil,

I am answering both ur questions here. Because both have the same answer. The first thing that u must understand is that the complaints of one part of ur body do not occur in total isolation from other organs. So whether it is a problem with ur digestive organs, or sexual function, or mental worries – they all bear some relation to each other and can not be treated in isolation – atleast not by Homeopathy.

The second thing that u must understand is that in Homeopathy medicines are not given for diseases or specific conditions. Homeopaths require detailed information regarding your symptomatology, medical history, physical and psychological constitutional characteristics etc to come up with a remedy so good that it will cover almost all ur complaints, something which will make u feel better as a person. And I must say that as a homeopath I can not help u much with the kind of information that u have given. There are homeopaths who can give u a temporary solution to some of ur problems …but they will be ‘temporary’ at best. If u wan’t long term results, u need to work closely with some homeopath.

wishing u health,

Dr. B

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