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Treatment for Sarcoidosis

Treatment for Sarcoidosis

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what is the treatment for sarcoidosis and what is the success rate

Hi Arun,

Yes! Homeopathy does offer treatment for sarcoidosis. Infact apart from the conventional allopathic treatment using corticosteroids (sometimes methotrexate and anti-malarial drugs too), there are just two known treatments which favorably affect sarcoidosis. One is the use of brain
hormone melatonin (which is again allopathic and is still under tests) and the other one is of course, Homeopathy.

There are many medicines in homeopathy that have been (or can be) used to treat sarcoidosis like Tuberculinum, Berrylium, Phosphorus, Graphites,Carcinocin, Sepia, Syphilinum etc. But still I am not aware of any scientifically conducted controlled clinical trials on the
efficacy of homeopathic medicines in sarcoidosis. But apart from taking medicine some other measures are required to prevent complications. This includes taking a diet low in calcium and Vit D to avoid hypercalcemia and formation of renal stones. Also sunlight has to be avoided for the same reason. Smoking should be avoided in pulmonary sarcoidosis.

Also we have to remember that not all people suffering from sarcoidosis suffer from any symptoms and many of these people show spontaneous remission without any medicine. Especially people suffering from Lofgren’s syndrome (a variation of sarcoidosis found commonly in Irish and scandavian people) show spontaneous remission in a year or two. Of all the people suffering from sarcoidosis only 15% or so people face serious complications. And managing these complicated or advanced cases is a challenge even with proper homeopathic treatment.

This is all that i have to offer. Hope it satisfies u,

Dr. B

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