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Treatment of eye bags

Treatment of eye bags

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Dear Dr. B.

I am 28 year old woman and has eye bags which cannot be cured with eye creams or gel. I need to get rid of the bags which makes me depressed at times. IS there a cure apart from surgery?


Hello Langs,

Homeopathy does offers certain medicines for swelling under the eyelids or around the eyelids. Medicines like Kali carb, Apis, China are often used. But the success of treatment depends on conditions like whether the swelling is oedematous in nature, or there is collection of fat, or there is lax tissue, or if this is a hereditary feature. If the eye bags show any variation in size with the day then they have a much better prognosis with homeopathy. If there is only lax tissue sagging down u may have to go in for cosmetic surgery. But if the eye bags have developed after some illness or relatively recently, you may get benefit from constitutional treatment, covering you as a person. Many young people have a genetic predisposition to develop eyebags, and if that is the case with you, you may have to go in for surgery. I can not say without seeing you what is the best option for you. I suggest that you give a visit to a nearby homeopath and discuss the condition in person. You are very young and not in the age to develop normal eyebags. So Homeopathy may be able to help you.

U can find some general info about skin aging and its reasons here

here is some info on the surgery too..

The treatment of lower eyebags had been radically improved by the recent development of fat preservation techniques, where the fat in the eyebags is not removed but is redistributed along the junction of the eyelid and the cheek. This new method achieves the twin goal of eliminating the unsightly bulge of the eyebag while filling up the groove below the eyebag that is present in many individuals.

This procedure is carried out on upper eyelids to remove skin and protruding fatty tissue. Incisions are made in the natural skin folds of the eyelids, making them virtually un-noticeable after they have healed. Surgery is usually performed under local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic for nervous patients. Suture removal is approximately five days post operatively.

Bruising and swelling around the eye area will last for 7-10 days. The result of a blepharoplasty is extremely pleasing and long lasting, giving a youthful and more rested appearance and the eyes often appear larger.

Wishing you health Dr. B

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  • Eye Bags and heaviness,
    Hi Dr. Bhatia,
    I am 39 now and I have eye bags problem since my college life. I can feel some thing in the bags by pressing with finger. My skin is swollen, its not hanging. I feel heaviness inside the bags as well. This feeling and puffiness in not only below the eyes, it is in the area below the eyebrow and above eye lid. If this is only puffiness it will not concern me but I have always tried to find solution for the heaviness in the swollen area around my eyes but it seems there is no treatment for this. I will really appreciate if you can suggest me a solution for this.


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