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Treatment of pterygium with homeopathy

Posted by: Karen

Hello and Namaste Dr. Bhatia,

I am seeking help to heal a pterygium on my eye. Would this be considered an acute or chronic condition, and for what length of time should I sign up for treatment? It took many years to develop (unknown to me), but I’ve been experiencing symptoms now for several months, on and off. I don’t know of a homeopath to work with locally, but if this would be a better way to go, I could try to locate one. (I live in a small, rural area).

Thank you,


Hello Karen,

Pterygium would be considered a chronic condition. Ideally a personal consultation is always better when taking homeopathic treatment but it is not always possible to find trained homeopaths in many countries. Therefore many people go for an online consultation. I have got an online office at doctorbhatia.com [1] where I try to offer my services to such people who do not have easy access to a homeopath. Pterygium is a slow to develop and slow to go condition and an initial consultation period of atleast 3 months is recommended.

Wishing you health,

Dr. B

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