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Trigger finger

Trigger finger

Posted by: Katherine

I am a 55-yr old woman and have been struggling with a trigger finger (3rd, right hand) for a month. My symptoms are confusing and do not conform to any one symptom picture in the Materia Medica. Pain relieved by moving and siffness in the morning, but also pain relieved by being still. Pain relieved by driving for about an hour at night (!). Sometimes dull pain, sometimes sharp pains in finger and other random parts of body. Always a full, tight feeling in finger. Not red nor hot, just stiff. Sometimes a “canal” will develop on finger (palm side), also on index finger. Have tried remedies without success: Rhus Tox, Bryonia, Arnica, Ruta, Sulphur, Kali Mur, Natrum Sulph, Calc Fluor, Calc Phos, and today Apis Melilotus Resorted to Ibuprofen a few days ago which only helped a little, left it, took nothing for 2 days, then started Apis today. Stressful family situation. Tried Staphysagria for suppressed anger, Ignatia for suppressed grief. No results. Frustrated! Katherine Masis, Costa Rica (age 55).

Try letting go of the diagnosis and just repertorizing the symptoms. Assuming that the remedies are not being antidoted, then look for a possible etiology or some maintaining cause. It’s also possible that you had the correct remedy but didn’t take it long enough. Low potencies are called for here. Lastly, try the services of a professional homeopath.


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  • Thank you. Yes, I should sit down with pencil in hand and repertorize with my Kent! Yes, maybe I haven’t taken any of those remedies long enough, although it’s difficult for me to assess how long is “long enough.” The thing is, I’ve started to panic! My favorite homeopath died years ago, and another one who is also excellent and used to see me recently retired. I’m shoppíng around for another homeopath at this point, which isn’t easy (sigh). I made an appointment to see a new one next week; I’ll post again when and if I get the right remedy.

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