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What to do when only common symptoms of disease are there ?

What to do when only common symptoms of disease are there ?

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if physical general symptoms r lacking only common symptoms of disease r present than how will we select our remedy

Hello Jyoti,

I personally consider that in most cases the generals(mental and physical) are not lacking. It is the homeopath who is not able to perceive them or elicit them. Anyway, if we do not find any significant generals to prescribe on, then our focus should be on completing the local symptoms presented. We should try to complete symptoms in respect to sensations, feelings, modalities, concomitants etc. Often it happens that sensations and modalities at a local level are a reflection of the same at the general level. Also we should try to locate the characteristics of the person in health. You may not find characteristic symptoms if you try to treat a disease, but you will always come across many characteristics if you treat a person. With this you can also consider the physical constitution, past medical history, and family history to narrow down your search for the similimum.


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