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Which potency is appropriate to cure or ameliorate the complaints

Posted by: Dr. Md. Lutfor Rahman

We find three types of potencies are used in homoeopathy, namely decimal, centesimal and millesimal. In this case what type of potency is preferable to cure or ameliorate any complain. Would you please explain it in details.

Dear Lutfor,

Potency selection is not that easy. Potency selection depends on at least 18 different factors. I can not enumerate or explain them all here. The patients sensitivity, vitality, type and duration of disease, type of medicine, all effect the selection of medicine or cure. Any potency can be used to cure or ameliorate a case, depending upon the case. I wrote a paper a few months back, please read it here – https://hpathy.com/organon-philosophy/homeopathic-potency-selection/ [1]

. I will be publishing more on potency selection soon. You can subscribe the Hpathy Ezine to keep in touch.

Best wishes,
Dr. B

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