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Is Arnica oil / topical treatment using or contrary to the Laws of Similar (homeopathy)?

Is Arnica oil / topical treatment using or contrary to the Laws of Similar (homeopathy)?

Posted by: LJR

Why are homeopathic arnica and the oil made from the plant as a topical treatment both work on the same malady? Is this not contrary to the laws of similars?

The Laws of Similar indicates that a product that will create symptoms in a healthy person would be, if given in low dose, a cure to someone suffering of these symptoms. This is an evolution from Paracelsus’ saying “The Dose is the Poison” (Paracelsus was a medical teacher and doctor that heavily influenced Hannehman’s philosophy).
If you were to eat or touch the arnica plan, you would get some symptoms. However, Arnica oil or cream are actually diluted but only have a small portion of the arnica, and are safe to take… they will help for the symptoms because they are in low-dose, so not poisonous… because of this, they also fit the laws of similar “like cures like”.
Arnica in homeopathy is further diluted through a potentisation process (extreme succussion), which allows to be more potent. For this reason, this can fit much deeper symptoms than the oil or cream.
More information on Arnica in homeopathy here:

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