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Why temporary relief instead of permanent cure?

Why temporary relief instead of permanent cure?

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Tell me basic definition of science is ” To every effect there is cause” I hope this is acceptable by Science any branch even medical science also. Homeopathy also agrees with this. One of my friend is under medication with Classical Homeopath for the last six month and I have noticed his frequency of problem is reduced in the last two month, but still not cured. When ever he face problem, medicine is advised as per the symptoms, and he is getting result also. My question is why root cause is not identified and treat the patient so that the problem does not occur, same thing asked to homeopath he told he does not know the reason it all depends upon the symptoms and treatment is based on the same. What is your comments with due respect to other homeopath too. This is worry to me that is why I am asking the question.

Dear Kumar,

I will not venture into the definition of science here. it is a lengthy and controversial subject. But I do agree with you that the root cause of a complaint should be identified to cure a patient fully. Most homeopaths trey to treat the patient based on the ‘totality of symptoms’. But the ideal way to treat is on the basis of ‘totality of patient’. That includes the causative element, past history, family history, constitution, thermal sensitivity etc too.

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