Author - Joachim-F Grätz

This is Chronic Homeopathy!

Dr. Joachim-F. Grätz describes the ideal health of a baby which would result from antimiasmatic homeopathic treatment along with avoidance of many standard allopathic medical interventions.  

West Syndrome (BNS Epilepsy)

Dr. Joachim-F. Grätz shares a case of West Syndrome in a child of 8 months. The problem, which included full-blown seizures, started after the second polyvalent vaccination.

Homeopathic Treatment of Epilepsy

In this excerpt from his book "Gentle Medicine – The True Causes of Disease, Healing, and Health", Dr. Joachim F. Grätz discusses the homeopathic treatment of epilepsy with case examples to illustrate.

Ulcerative Colitis in a Woman of 26

Homeopath Joachim F. Grätz shares a case of ulcerative colitis in a woman of 26. Anxiety attacks with restlessness, nightly aggravation, desire to travel and past psychotic episodes, were among the symptoms leading to the...