Author - Jawahar Shah

Sycosis (The Sycotic Child)

The child may slide from the psoric to sycotic phase depending on the external influences or any suppressive line of treatment taken, as explained in the psoric miasm. A child in the Sycotic phase is confused mentally and...

A Case of Niccolum

A Case of Niccolum. A remedy that suits debilitated, nervous, literary patients, with frequent headaches, dyspepsia and constipation.

Psora (The Psoric Child)

A child, who is in psoric phase, is born much more healthy, positive and constructive than any of the other phases. These children are born to healthy parents, and their growth and developmental milestones are usually normal...


Medorrhinum materia medica and complete drug picture of homeopathy remedy Medorrhinum. Learn all the signs and symptoms of homeopathic Medorrhinum by Jawahar Shah.

Single Medicine Rubrics: Justification & Uses

Homoeopathy is based on a single symptom. A patient can be successfully treated by prescribing a particular drug on the bases of a single peculiarity revealed by him. The single remedy rubric “Stomach; pain rubbing amel – Kent”...