Author - Richard Moskowitz


Dr. Richard Moskowitz examines the way conventional medicine defines disease which may lead to unnecessary and even dangerous treatments.

Home Birth

Homeopath Dr. Richard Moskowitz who has practiced homeopathy since 1974, describes his experiences in delivering babies in Colorado in the 1970’s. His writing is always honest, personal and engaging

Medical School

Dr. Richard Moskowitz describes the evolution of his beliefs about doctoring, starting with his experience in medical school. He relates highly personal and engaging first-hand experiences. Written from the heart.

The Jig Is Up

Dr. Richard Moskowitz makes the case against mandatory vaccines for childhood illnesses. He believes those vaccines are neither safe nor effective. He notes that vaccine safety trials are funded, conducted, and micromanaged by...

Why I Became a Homeopath

Dr. Richard Moskowitz takes the reader on a tour through his evolution and self-discovery from allopathy to homeopathy. He shares many stories of his experiences as medical student and then physician as he searchers for his true...