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Respected Sir,
Should Bach flower remedies be used in Q potencies or in any potency? I was told that these are sold in 30th centesimal dilutions.Did Bach approve of that?
What is the difference between PROMISALONE technique and Bach flower remedies?(of course Promisalone people may discern the rubrics in the patients ordinary conversation. I am not referring to that difference. ssentially, both use mental state only for prescribing.
Will Bach flower remedy Palliate or cure?(because it uses gross differentiations unlike homeopathy which is deeper as regards differentiation.For eg. Fear of known origin and of unknown origin is gross differentiation.

Bach flower remedies should be used the way Dr. Edwrad Bach suggested. Otherwise, it is some other form of therapy. Bach flower remedies help restore balance at the emotional level. Mind/body is all part of the same living entity, so healing on the emotional level will help heal on the physical plane as well.
Promisalone, is prescribing on mind symptoms alone. Using mind symptoms was brought to a high art by Rajan Sankaran. However, somewhere down the line the physical symptoms must agree and be covered by the remedy.
Alan V. Schmukler

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