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Carol Dunhum (1828-1877)

Carol Dunhum (1828-1877)

Dr. Carol Dunham was an eminent homeopath in America. Dunham was born in New York on 29th Oct. 1828. He graduated from Columbia university in 1847. He received M. D. at the college of Physicians and Surgeons of New York in 1850.

While in Dublin, he received a dissecting wound which nearly killed him, but he cured himself with the help of a homeopathic medicine – Lachesis. He visited various homeopathic hospitals in Europe and then went to Munster where he came in contact with Dr. Boenninghausen and studied the great methods of that great master.

In his later life, under the stress of his large practice he developed rheumatic carditis. The old school physicians gave up but once again Homeopathy saved him. His friend Dr. Hering prescribed ‘Lithium carb’, which made him alright. Then he organized the ‘World Homeopathic Convention” which had been his dream of many years. The convention was highly successful, but it exhausted him. He took to bed in December, 1876 and died in February, 1877.


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