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Dr. A U Ramakrishnan

Dr. A U Ramakrishnan

Dr. Ramakrishnan M.B.B.S., MF Hom, PhD, is an internationally known medical doctor from India. He travels the world lecturing on homeopathy and treating difficult cases. Some areas of his expertise are Cardiac Disease, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Arthritis and Diabetes. He is also the homeopathic physician to the president of India

Dr. Ramakrishnan has been presenting papers at International Congresses since 1981. Along with Catherine R. Coulter, he is the co-author of A Homeopathic Approach to Cancer.

Dr. Ramakrishnan was born November 2, 1942, in Thirupathi, India.

He can be reached at 22 Rajarathnam St., Madras, India 600 010.

His website is

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  • Recently my daughter arranged for us to fly from Pune to Chennai just to meet homeopathy Dr. Ramakrishnan with such excitement and positive belief that a holistic approach of homeopathy that too prescribed by world famous man would cure all my health problems. It was so shocking that the moment I started with my first health concern, he asked what my major prob was and my daughter answered IGA nephropathy. looking into his computer, he said that he would give med only for that and that I could continue to go to my allopathy docs for the rest. When I told him that my trigger arthritis had become a major concern for me (something which I had neither heard nor known in my life) he sprung up, rushed to the door and held it open for us to get out. And like fools, only because we had wasted our money and time on this useless medical trip, we waited and took the two little bottles of med paying Rs. 14000.

  • I have pain in ma both breast from last 10 years . Ma age is 25 and in the inception i thought this pain is happen with every girl bt from last two days I have swellen in ma both breast and in nipples too . And i am feeling hotness in ma nipple and then it become normal and then hotness repeatedly . And heavyness too . I have leucorrhea problem too from last 10 years . Am anemic ma weight is 48 kg and height is 153 cm . Please help me doctor .

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