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Dr. S. P. Dey

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Dr. S. P. Dey, one of the pillars of Homoeopathy who took Bengal’s Homoeopathy to new height and gave its pride and identity passed away on 23.01.2014. Surya Pada Dey known as Dr. S.P.Dey was born on 23rd June 1931 at Kapilmuni village under Kulna district in Bangladesh. In his childhood he had to face a lot of economic crisis and compelled to do more physical labour than study.

In childhood he badly suffered from Typhoid not responded to allopathic treatment and cured by an HMB Doctor at his village, with Homoeopathic Medicine, that kindled him to be Homoeopath in future and the Homoeopathic fraternity got the great Dr. S.P Dey. He left his village having consent from his mother and took his foot step in Kolkata without any certain shelter but to have education in the year 1950. He lived in Kolkata in exchange of his knowledge by means of teaching. Meanwhile he got admission in DMS course in D.N De homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital Kolkata. In the year 1957, he passed final DMS and stood first and received gold medal. Then he got the opportunity to be direct disciple of Dr. M.C Laha, converted Allopathic physician. Immediately after passing he joined as teacher in his own college.

In 1958, he got married to Sabita Rani. He was also admitted in Royal London Homoeopathic College to obtain the degree D.F Hom. He got the privilege to be a direct student of D.M Foubister and Jhon Weir. In this course also testimonials was offered him for his exceptional brilliant performances in Clinical medicine. Received D.F Hom(London) in 1959.

After returning from abroad he joined as a fulltime teacher at D.N De homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata, then in Metropolitan Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital and National Institute of Homoeopathy, Kolkata. He was blessed by Dr. B.K Bose and Dr. J.N Majumder during his practice and teaching life. His lectures were mind-blowing. He is no more now, but his voice will be eternal among our community.

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