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The Phenomenal Work of Torako Yui in Japan

Torako Yui
Written by Louise Mclean

Homeopath Louise Mclean writes about Torako Yui, who singlehandedly brought homeopathy to Japan.

Reprinted courtesy: Homeopathy Heals Me

Dr. Torako Yui is a human dynamo! The work she has done in the past nearly twenty years is nothing short of miraculous. This woman is responsible for singlehandedly bringing homeopathy to Japan! From being virtually unknown in that country in early 2000, she has helped bring about 300 Nippon centres for homeopathy, with 600 practising homeopathic practitioners and 100 homeopaths for animals. It is estimated that at least 200,000 people in Japan are now using homeopathy, thanks to her efforts.

During the 1990s whilst living in London, Torako suffered from a serious condition, which was speedily cured with homeopathic medicine. ‘When I was thirty-three years old, I suffered from ulcerative colitis and for the next three years I had melena, as the blood from the intestinal wall mixed with my stools.’ ‘For two years I was given a variety of treatments, including steroids but the ulcers spread and started to bleed considerably. I had a dream about a treatment and was told to treat ‘like with like’, which I discovered was homeopathy!’

Torako was so impressed with her rapid cure, that she went on to study at the College of Practical Homeopathy and in 1995, became a member of the Homeopathic Medical Association, later being made an Honorary Fellow, along with other leading lights in homeopathy, such as Farokh Masters, Christopher Day, Nuala Eising and Manish Bhatia of

In 1997, Torako established the first homeopathic college in Japan, the Japan Royal Academy of Homoeopathy (RAH), which has since graduated 800 students. A year later she founded the first professional body in Japan, the Japanese Homeopathic Medical Association (JPHMA), which has registered approximately 600 homeopaths.


In 1998, Torako was invited to give a lecture on homeopathy to the Japanese Parliament House and the Japanese government authorised an integrated medicine project to examine the need for a formally recognised qualification in homeopathy. More recently in 2010, in order to further this project, Dr. Yui presented a 270 page report entitled ‘Recommendations and Explanations for the future of Homoeopathy’ to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), which was accompanied by a petition of 10,000 signatures from supporters. In 2001, she was awarded a PhD in Homeopathy by the International Medical University in Switzerland.

In 2010, Torako also opened the College of Holistic Homeopathy (Chhom), integrating homeopathy, organ therapy, flower therapy, tissue salts and including medical astrology, herbal and oriental medicine, as she was inspired by ‘Labyrinthus Medicorum Erratium’ by Paracelsus when she supervised the Japanese translation. Torako has created so many centres for people who love homeopathy, including the Nippon Homeopathy Center and Homeopathy Toranoko-kai in 1997.

Torako established her own ZEN method of prescribing by reading the Japanese translation of the original German version of Hahnemann’s Chronic Diseases as well as the 6th Organon, faithfully applying it to modern people with complex diseases living in modern times. She has written about 30 books which relate to homeopathy and translated and supervised around 100 homoeopathic books! The work she has done is simply phenomenal and as she says herself, she devoted herself to homeopathy 365 days a year for many years!

Torako says her ZEN method uses a three dimensional approach and she especially treats chronic conditions, including cancer and has a very high level of success with autism. She believes that autism is often caused by the side effects of vaccinations, conventional medicine, food additives and environmental pollution.  In March 2010 she gave a presentation on the subject at the Second Children‘s Homoeopathy Congress in Badenweiler hosted by Narayana Publishers.


Torako feels strongly that patients need to work on their ‘Inner Child’ by releasing suppressed emotions and erroneous belief systems that no longer serve their higher good. In her experience, even when a patient’s disease is cured by homoeopathic remedies, that disease can sometimes return if they do not change their way of thinking. Torako also gives lectures on healing the Inner Child and has started an Inner Child Therapist course.

One of her most successful early cures was with a terminally ill cancer patient who cried and cried out her grief, which helped to get her better in an incredibly short time. Within three months, this patient began to feel the joy of living with uplifted spirits, as well as decreased pain of the cancer, while Torako worked with her giving her homoeopathic remedies and Inner Child healing.

Torako has travelled the world as a speaker at homeopathy conferences and congresses in India, USA, Dubai, Holland, Belgium, Germany, London as well as Japan. She even invited the famous French scientist, Jacques Benveniste of ‘Memory of Water’ fame, to give a lecture at the Japan Royal Academy of Homoeopathy in 1998! She says, ‘Dr. Benveniste should have received a Nobel Prize’.

She has created quite a large number of her own combination remedies for a variety of chronic conditions and established the Homoeopathy Japan Company Limited in 1998, which makes and sells them, currently now run by her successor.

In time she realised that it was not enough to prescribe homeopathic remedies without recommending a healthy diet for patients. Coming from a farming family, she decided to create an organic farm of her own in order to help them, growing every kind of vegetable and fruit. She now owns two organic farms and has developed a range of healthcare and beauty products as well!


Due to her knowledge of homeopathy, she utilises her own combination remedy at the farms, containing a variety of soil-enriching substances and a fermented solution, calling it Active Plant. Agro-homeopathy has been found to be a very effective adjunct to organic farming and the result is that the quality of her produce is first class, with no fertilisers or pesticides being used. She now plans to open a TOYOUKE organic restaurant on the ground floor of her College of Holistic Homeopathy this year in November.

Torako says: “Food is a precious thing, giving life to our bodies. Shortage of food will cause a war. That is why I think that we as individuals should be able to practise farming for self-sufficiency and of course, we can farm safely without polluting the environment.”



In March 2011 when the people of North East Japan suffered the worst earthquake in their history, severely damaging the nuclear reactors in Fukushima, Torako and her JPHMA team of professional homeopaths visited the disaster area immediately with a range of homeopathic medicines, tinctures, rice balls, vegetable juice, vegetables and water. She found that people in the affected area urgently needed vegetables and pure water. Since then, she has put more effort into farming in order to provide safe food.

Initially after the disaster, an emergency combination remedy AAA was given out freely, consisting of Aconite, Arsenicum and Arnica. People were suffering from radiation poisoning and Phosphorus was also a much needed remedy, along with another combination remedy created by Torako, made out of Cadmium Sulph, Sol, Plutonium, Kali iodatum, Radium brom, Uranium nitricum, Caesium hydroxide, Thyrodinium and Parathyroid gland, ‘to bring ease of body and mind’.

The wonderful thing about Torako is that she immediately thinks of the measures and actions that can be taken, so people can escape danger and live happily. After she had received many SOS telephone calls from people in the affected area, she immediately designed an emergency micro pocket-sized 36 homoeopathic remedy kit for victims of the disaster and asked Homoeopathy Japan Company Limited to distribute them. Torako estimated that 12,000 people were using the remedy kits. She later made up her own specific combination remedy to incorporate a Fukushima soil sample taken 2km from the disaster, called RA+F+X-Ray and which included the remedies Plutonium, Cobalt, Uranium Nit and X-Ray. This combination was confirmed to be extremely effective in combating the symptoms of severe radiation poisoning and burns by a person who worked at the Fukushima nuclear plants.

However, not all has been smooth sailing, and in July 2010, Asahi Shimbun (a major Japanese newspaper) planted a story about a patient who died due to medical neglect after using homeopathy. Homeopathy was attacked for the next six months and Torako and JPHMA were victims of the bashing, which dramatically decreased the number of students and patients. Sales dropped down to one third and it became difficult to pay her colleagues. She overcame this crisis by cutting her own salary and that of her executive members in order to keep everything going.

However, up to the present time Torako has established a homoeopathic college, homeopathy centres for patients, the Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association (JPHMA) with indemnity insurance for professional homoeopaths, Homoeopathy Toranoko-kai for people who love homeopathy, a company to produce homoeopathic remedies and a homoeopathic publisher!

What about plans for the future? Torako is now going ahead with a homeopathy eco village project and wants to build a homoeopathic hospital on a hill overlooking Mt. Fuji. There is also her TOYOUKE natural farming and she is planning to build a home for elderly people with a farm growing organic vegetables and treating them with homoeopathic medicine to remove the need for unnecessary drugs, as far as possible.

There is also a school being planned to improve lifestyle, where people will learn not only homeopathy, but also cooking, farming, stockbreeding and a philosophy to live with joy and cultivate faith. This school will teach self-sufficiency, self-protection, self-existence and how to be true to yourself.

I asked Torako how she has managed to achieve so much. She replied, ‘I was nearly dying from a disease but was saved by homeopathy. I promised Hahnemann that I would return the favour. I could not have done it without my staff who supported me and the people who love homeopathy.’

Reading through the nearly six page list of Torako’s achievements for this interview has been absolutely awesome! I have never come across anyone who comes close to doing so much work in such a short time. It is truly inspirational and a wonderful example for all of us, on what can be achieved for homeopathy and for the good of humanity, when we are truly determined and focused!

Torako says, ‘May all be blessed with the benefits of Homeopathy! Be grateful for all of creation, the existence of the Universe itself. I wish all of you the enjoyment of living the gift of life!’


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