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Argon by Jeremy Sherr is reviewed by Rochelle Marsden

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Argon by Jeremy Sherr is reviewed by Rochelle Marsden. This, Jeremy’s latest book, joins his books Helium and Neon, his provings Xenon and the “work in progress” Radon.

  • Hardcover
  • Publisher:Saltire Books (9 July 2018)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:1908127309
  • ISBN-13:978-1908127303
  • of pages: 261

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Here we have Jeremy’s latest book which joins his books Helium and Neon, his provings Xenon and the “work in progress” Radon, all on the important Noble gases which are in Group 18. This is the group with the stable “closed shell” to which all the other elements aspire and what motivates chemical reactions.  Argon was actually proved by the students of Dynamis Ireland in 1996.

In Chapter 2 Jeremy starts with “Argon the element” then with Chapter 3, “Argon mother tincture”. The subsequent Chapters from Chapter 4 to Chapter 11 go up the potencies 12C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M , 50M and CM. Chapter 12 discusses  the Synthesis of the remedy which he describes as the Sensations and the Functions. There are then 10 case histories using Argon to bring the remedies even more alive. Next in Chapter 14 is a discussion on the other remedies in the third row of the Periodic Table and Chapter 15 is Argon MM Analogy, Biology and Cosmolgy, and Chapter 16 , Related Remedies. Now Chapter 17 is very different as it talks about the Trees of Life and Knowledge and the Garden of Eden. I thought the references might be Cabalistic but no mention really. The last short Chapter is called Period in Synthesis in which the relationship with evolution of the other noble gases is discussed.

More detail:

Chapter 1introduces the potencies as levels of perception. Jeremy points out how important it is “to read the proving as a whole to gain a thorough understanding…..”.

Chapter 2 gives the reader everything they wanted to know about Argon the gas and its applications. I certainly was not aware of all the applications it has.

Chapter 3 explains how the tincture was prepared and in Chapter 4 the main Physical Affinities of the 12 C are given and again he refers us to the full proving and link to this.

Chapter 5 gives the general symptoms from the 30C and Chapter 6 the Emotional Essence of the 200C as found from the proving.  There were lots of lamp bulbs – which may have been filled with Argon gas- broken, and one prover had to replace 17 bulbs in 1 month!

Chapter 7 gives the Higher Emotional Themes of the 1M as described by the provers – first the positive attributes experiences and then the negative. Chapter 8 contains the Spiritual themes of the 10M. Information from proving diaries is given in a purple colour all throughout the chapters.

Chapter 9 gives the meditative proving carried out by Jeremy’s wife Camilla, who didn’t know what the remedy was. Jeremy regards it as a clinically useful proving alongside the Hahnemannian proving.

Chapter 10 gives the sensations and functions. This gives proving accounts of being Aligned, Obstruction, Unobstructed flow, Easy Travel, Speed, Connection Misconnection and Assertive.

Chapter 11 discusses Dimensions, which I have to admit I didn’t really understand. However I did notice the dimensions when I read the proving extracts. At the end of the chapter was a long poem entitled “The periodic table – new dimensions”. The book is scattered with Jeremy’s poems which are lovely to read. Chapter 12 appears to be connected as he gives a Sensation e.g Decay and the Function to it – Must preserve.We are then given nouns, verbs, adjectives, miasm, chakra, number, colour etc. associated with Argon.

Chapter 13gives the cases, Acute and Chronic, and helpfully the expressions relevant to the remedy are in bold. I just love reading cases. I am pleased to say the follow ups are included.

Chapter 14 tells of the connection of Argon with the rest of the third period. The relationship with the other noble gases is discussed briefly.  There is also meditation proving information of Argon from people who held the remedy in their hand and slept with it under their pillow for example.This is interspersed with relevant proving information from the other third period elements. The information in black italics is that from Camilla’s mini meditative provings. Camilla often seems to give the polar opposite of some of these familiar remedies.

Chapter 15 is a bit of a mishmash of things. It starts with biblical parallels which is a theme throughout the book. Next we have an analogy with genetics. Jeremy refers to his Neon and Helium books and the process from DNA to RNA. He  then goes on to protein as well as tetractys – an ancient symbol. The four elements, alchemy and numerology come next and then the superheros Peter Pan and King David  There is more but I have to admit that the relevance of Argon in this chapter I find difficult to gel with.

Chapter 16 is 3 pages and about similar themes that other remedies have to Argon. The remedies are Honey, Germanium, Polaris and various gems.

Chapter 17 is back to Genesis again with the Garden of Eden, the Tree of knowledge and the Tree of life. Argon is element 18 and this number in  Hebrew gives the word for life  חי (chet –the right side letter is 8 and the yud – left side letter -10) I have always been fascinated with Gematria which is the study of assigning the numerical value to Hebrew words, as in Hebrew each letter represents a number. This all makes interesting reading and Jeremy weaves Argon into this story which tells about the snake and the fruit as well. Now which tree was the Tree of Life? The Banyan tree is suggested as a possibility and this is discussed together with its proving. Jeremy continues in this chapter after writing that this may be “too complex for some readers”.  This is the “evolutionary permutations from the Tree of Knowledge to the Tree of Life”. He connects Yin and Yang, the blueprint of the 2 trees to meiosis and mitosis and to the “two biblical creation myths,” Day 1 of the creation and Adam and Eve.  Some authors have a global, historical outlook, and in this case a Biblical outlook and like to make connections that may seem irrelevant, but add a certain richness to the work. I feel strongly that this is the case here.

Chapter 18, the last chapter brings all Jeremy’s ideas together. At the end of each chapter are References if relevant. I personally prefer to see them there than at the end of a book. This is the first time I have reviewed a book about a single remedy. Am I getting proving symptoms? I feel weary, dragged down, want to sleep but at the same time restless, constantly getting up from my chair to seek food. I have been very light hearted even with things which would normally have got me into a bad mood.

I have always enjoyed Jeremy’s lectures. They have always held my interest and I never find myself dropping off as I can after lunch with other lecturers. Reading this book has the same effect in that it kept my interest as diverse as it was in places!

This book will really give the reader a good sense of the remedy Argon so that they can prescribe it with confidence.

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