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Fighting Fire With Fire – Homeopathic Detox Therapy – by Ton Janson – Reviewed by Rochelle Marsden

Fighting Fire With Fire – Homeopathic Detox Therapy – by Ton Janson is reviewed by Rochelle Marsden.

First Edition 2016fighting-fire-with-fire-homeopathic-detox-therapy

Publisher Anhira Ltd – Sofia www.anhira.com


Pages – 319

To Purchase – www.emryss.com

Price €37

Now when I write a review I do not usually start by copying what is written on the back cover but in this case I couldn’t resist it.

If you want to genuinely cure your patients, you cannot afford not to read this book.
• Learn to apply systematic remedy courses to prevent
unnecessary aggravations and achieve quicker results;
• Let go of any fears of high potency prescribing;
• Discover more about organ systems and associated remedies;
• Explore the Materia Medica for over 30 new sarcodes;
• Learn to identify the real root causes
of today’s diseases and how to treat them;
• Develop your case-taking skills using a clearly structured timeline;
• Start to fully understand the impact of pharmaceuticals on human health;
• Learn to integrate advice about nutrition and dietary supplements
in order to support your homeopathic prescriptions.

If this is not enough to whet your appetite, I don’t know what is, as it certainly made me feel I couldn’t wait to take in all this new knowledge. Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT) really interests me for use in those “challenging” cases that we see more and more of these days because of the pollution around us.

In the introduction Ton describes how he came to homeopathy; how it lifted him out of despair at 16, after being prescribed many “toxic medications” and how it saved the life of his daughter when as a baby she had an extreme reaction to the MMR vaccine. He says that HDT is the missing link that can remove blockages and address the real cause of disease. His first Chapter is interesting as it is not the usual ‘What is Homeopathy’ but a discussion on how he believes homeopathy works and the philosophies of his homeopathic practice.  He has studied Anthroposophical philosophy and this helps him understand his patients so we have a brief lesson in this. The whole chapter is written for the practising homeopath and is interspersed with case examples.

Chapter 2 is entitled – What exactly is Homeopathic Detox Therapy. He explained that in his patients he was seeing improvement but no permanent recovery, with common relapses. He often reread the Organon and realised that Hahnemann worked by finding the root cause. Ton realised that he was not addressing medications, vaccines and other toxic materials and that they should be available as homeopathic medicines. He started experimenting on himself with DPT in 30, 200, 1M and 10M which was Hering’s series. His health improved. He acknowledges Tinus Smits’ work and explains the differences. The common detox courses used, include Poly remedies e.g. Poly childhood vaccination individualised per country and year. Miasmatic nosodes are also given, or symptom totality remedies that work with the miasm. He also uses remedies to support particular organs as a daily support in a low potency and sarcodes like bone marrow (Medullosseinum) as well as vitamins and minerals in potency when these are too high or too low. Again he uses ascending potencies with all of these. He says that all diseases can be treated with HDT and that it adheres to the principles of classical homeopathy. Central to understanding is that we need to ‘look for the primary cause of the disease,’ i.e. ‘what was the first thing to knock the person off the path of heath’.

Chapter 3 – The Hierarchy of Layers.  Here he gives us a hierarchy of organs and systems to ‘understand the development of pathology and the organs involved’.

Chapter 4 – Methodology. He includes tables of commonly used courses of remedies and divides this into long, (8 weeks) medium (4 weeks) and short (1 day) courses. He also briefly mentions prophylactic treatment here. There is a section on remedy courses that work well together and those that do not. Potency is discussed as is HDT for end of life care. There is some great advice about treating HBP and a section entitled ‘Helpful Rules of HDT Prescribing’. This is followed by what to do when a reaction occurs due to the remedies. Lastly there are additional notes on Isopathy, Tautopathy and even Radionics, and he finishes on the importance of taking a proper timeline with your patients.

Chapter 5 – Case Taking. Ton is insistent that we only receive the patients that match our knowledge and resources! He reminds us to look for the primary disease and causation. He suggests asking the patient, ‘what does the physical or mental complaint tell you?’ He suggests that it is crucial to explain to a patient their maintaining causes and that healing will not occur unless these are addressed. Very Hahnemannian!

Chapter 6 – The First Consultation. Most of this information many of us will use anyway as a matter of course, but it is good to be reminded. He gives a full case example of a woman with fibroids, where the fibroids were cleared in 9 weeks.

Chapter 7 – The Hierarchy of Organ Systems – in depth analysis of the organ layers. Layer 1 is the endocrine system. He has a big thing about the OCP and blames it for many problems. It appears that he detoxes with a Poly Contraceptive course with whatever else he is detoxing. He says that only 20% of male patients show signs of endocrine disruption whereas the majority of women do. Ton suggests that in 95% of female thyroid patients it is due to the pill and also menopausal problems. I am seriously thinking of doing a long detox course with Poly contraceptives myself after reading this. Layer 2 is the neurological system. He gives a list of causes and of common remedies. He advises blood work to reveal deficiencies or excesses of minerals and if found he suggests a balance course. There is a useful table called ‘Overview of Hormones and their Corresponding Remedies,’

Layer 3 is the liver and layer 4 the kidney, where there are tables on the common remedies of liver complaints, which give the remedy and indications of its use and a similar table for the kidney.

Layer 5 is the skin, lungs and intestines and like previously, there are common complaints given and tables of the common remedies for these complaints.

Layer 6 is the musculo-skeletal system and after giving the common complaints and the common remedies table there is a discussion on how the heart fits into all this.

Chapter 8 – Leaky Tissue Syndrome. It begins with a discussion about what this is and where it comes from – all very interesting to me who has only heard the term but not understood what it is. There are also flow charts to make the explanations more succinct. I liked the 2 tables Relationship of Diseases to Leaky Tissue and Diet and Nutritional Supplements for Leaky Gut Syndrome. I have typed the later out to give to a new patient this afternoon as her complaint is in the first table!!

Chapter 9 – Miasms with HDT.  Ton gives the essence of the 3 main miasms with the main remedies, which I found a useful revision. There are tables, The Hierarchy of Toxins and The Miasms, and a discussion of how to decide which miasm to treat. Lots of interesting case examples are given in this chapter as well.

Chapter 10 – Food Advice and Nutritional Supplements. I love the first sentence ‘Make sure your patients aren’t obsessive about their diets.’ As he rightly says, this leads to anxiety. In general he advises the low carb/higher fat diet. There is a section on basic food advice after which he writes about cholesterol, salt (raising the BP is a myth he says!), gluten and fluoride. Lastly is a section on supplements and when possible, where you can get these from foods. The last sentence tells us that nature’s best multivitamin is an organic soft boiled egg a day!!

The rest of book, and in fact just under half of the book, is devoted to Materia Medica of very unusual remedies. In Appendix A are remedies of the body’s own substances, e.g. Placenta, Insulin, Urea, Cortisol, Progesterone to name a few. There are in fact 35 remedies here. Appendix B has 17 lesser-known remedies including Aspartame, Borrelia, Candida and Prednisone, (which I have ordered for a patient to detox them because of what I have read). Appendix C is a M.M. called, Frequently Prescribed Remedies, that Ton feels are not very well documented. These include, Ars, Iod, Berberis and amazingly Lycopodium. He gives the essence of the remedies. Appendix D is FAQ of HDT. Appendix E givens us a list of common toxins at various points in our lives e.g. before conception, during pregnancy, childbirth, vaccinations, environmental pollutants, regular medications etc. There is also an Appendix F of recommended reading which goes from Barthel to Vilthoulkas and obviously includes Hahnemann. Lastly is Appendix F – which is a short Bibliography.

This is a substantially made hard back book with heavy glossy pages. The print is a good size and the use of colour to highlight sections has been well done. At the very end of the book is information about the publisher who will print a run of as little as 100 books for a new author. They have published for the greats, like Vilthoulkas and Sankaran as well as others.

Overall this is one amazing book, from which I have learnt so much that I will be applying in my practice. I would recommend this easy to read and understand book to all homeopaths, especially those who need inspiration for complex and difficult cases. There are cases interspersed throughout the book which makes for interesting reading.


About the author

Rochelle Marsden

Rochelle Marsden MSc, RSHom, MNWCH, AAMET is a member of the Hpathy team, a registered classical homeopath (Society of Homeopaths), and has run Southport Homeopathic Practice in the UK SINCE 1999. Rochelle completed a 2 year post-grad course with Dr. Ramakrishnan and another with Dr. S. Banerjea, and an intense Clinical Training in India with Dr. Ramakrishnan. She is a tutor for The British Institute for Homeopathy (BIH) and is a regional tutor for local homeopathic colleges. She is also a practitioner in meridian therapies, EFT (Cert. Advanced) and Matrix Reimprinting. Visit Rochelle at : http://www.southporthomeopathy.co.uk/


  • I’m trying to find this book and the only way seems to be through the website paying over 22.00 for shipping. Is there anyone in the U.S. selling this book?

  • Indeed an amazing book and method. It works. I work with it for 3 years now. All the new materia medica is a real addition to homeopathy too.

  • Is it just me, or should anyone be wondering why the heart/cardiovascular is not included within the organ layers of the protocol? I’m more than curious.
    Thank you for the review. The book looks to be very interesting.

  • ancient vaids told public direct triphla churn aloes etc king toxin removers,amla antioxidative,mulathi lung tonic, arjuna heart tonic etc simple at home use tips.serious bhasma etc with prescription of vaid.now such advance books remain beyond reach of general public.modern doctors are a chinese wall between common man and buried ancient tips.animals mark the boundary question of survival,kali bich recognises bear belly.

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