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History of Medicine and Homeopathy

Written by Leela D'Souza

Leela D’Souza reviews a book by Dr. Navin Pawaskar.

Author : Navin Pawaskar MD (Hom)

Price: Rs. 400/- 380 pages

Publisher: MLD Memorial Trust [email protected]

Charting the ‘History of Medicine’ from the perspective of investigating the heritage of homeopathic thought, is one of the gifts this book offers to the homeopathic fraternity. Dr. Navin Pawaskar presents an overview of the history of medicine, analysing its correspondence to homeopathic philosophy with grace and authenticity. While I prepared for MD exams, it was hard to find a book that had all this information in one place, and it was enough to take the boredom out of such a pursuit!

Embarking on this book review has been a very pleasant experience, discovering the same facts that I read earlier, in an enjoyable voyage through the various ways medicine was practiced, and the cultural philosophies underpinning these. For example, the chapter on Indian Medicine made enjoyable reading, as I explored the different systems of medicine originating in India based on the Vedas, such as Ayurveda and how the line of thought corresponded with homeopathy. Similarly, the chapter on Chinese Medicine offered an integrated understanding of the Chinese culture and its wholistic approach to life, which aimed at good health and longevity. For the first time, I read a very lucid description of the principles of Acupuncture and the dynamic nature of disease it subscribes to. Dr. Pawaskar explains its comparative understanding with homeopathy succinctly! Greek and Renaissance philosophy and practice of medicine, are dealt with in a similarly lucid manner. A truly satisfying read! 

The other sections in the book include the ‘History of Homeopathy’ around the world from Europe, America, Africa, and Asia Pacific, in a country wise pattern depicting its progress till date. The histories of education, of hospitals and public health in Homoeopathy, have been investigated as well. To complete the story, a section on prominent pioneers of homeopathy and their important contributions (homeopaths from India and other countries) is also included. This is another boon for the MD student! The next section brings us up to date with time honored homeopathic principles and concepts, and how they have evolved into newer trends of thought today. Dr. Pawaskar has also traced the historical evolution of each fundamental principle, starting from ‘Similia Similibus Curentar’, to the ‘Theory of Chronic Disease’, based on his great depth of clinical experience.

The final section on ‘The Future of Homeopathy’, I found most interesting and absorbing. The chapter includes discussions on public health, research, hospitals and education, from a homeopathic perspective, and with a desire to bring homeopathy into the mainstream of medicine. The author has immense and valuable experience in homeopathic hospital management and in-patient care. The documentation of his experience in this specialty, as well as his perceptive analysis and advice for development in this and other areas, is recommended for anyone choosing to venture into these specialties.

About the author

Leela D'Souza

Leela D'Souza-Francisco, MD (Hom), CIH (Cardiology) is a Mumbai-based homeopathic professional whose experience includes intensive graduate medical training at India's leading homeopathic medical institution in Mumbai, completed in 1990. She completed her MD (Hom) from MUHS, Nashik in 2008 with a Dissertation entitled "Emergency Management in Homeopathy". She obtained a post graduate MSc (Homeopathy) degree from UCLAN, UK in 2009 with a Dissertation entitled "How Can We Develop Suitable Clinical Trials for Research in Classical Homeopathy". Her present interests include management of in-patients in homeopathic hospitals, and clinical research in classical homeopathy. She has been in practice for over 20 years and is online at www.homeopathy2health.com for the last 15 years. Presently she is Consulting Homeopathic Physician, with specialization in Cardiology at Holy Family Hospital, Bandra, Mumbai.
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