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Homeopathic Cancer Drugs (2 volume set) Oncology Materia Medica

homeopathic cancer drugs oncology materia medica
Written by Rochelle Marsden

Homeopathic Cancer Drugs – Oncology Materia Medica by Manfred Mueller is reviewed by Rochelle Marsden.

Author – Manfred Mueller, MA, DHM, RSHom(NA), CCH

Reviewed by Rochelle Marsden

ISBN 9780999185117

Language    English

Pages 2118

Type Hardback

Price €111.25

Publisher –The Other Medicine Publication

http://www.emryss.com/homeopathic-cancer-drugs.html  On this site can be found 4 pdf downloads containing the Intro and contents of Volume 1, Contents Volume 2, Sample Remedy Germanium and Senega.


This is one momentous and significant work which must have taken years to complete. It was not what I anticipated from the title of the book. I expected a book discussing cancer drugs in potency and how they can be used with patients or allopathic cancer protocols (drugs) and what remedies to use to prevent and relieve side effects from them. Imagine my surprise to be handed two massive books, together weighing over 2.5kgs and each measuring 7cms thick. These together contain a clinical Materia Medica of 600 well known and little known homeopathic remedies!  Volume 1 is from A-H and has 1046 pages and Volume 2 is from I-Z and has 1073 pages.

Manfred Mueller has been a full time practicing homeopath since 1986. He has a background in psychotherapy, research, science, philosophy, exegesis and language translation, according to the page about the author. He founded and taught at The Homeopathic College in the U.S. in 1989 and now offers downloadable training in advanced topics such as dealing with complex conditions and removing the predisposition to cancer amongst many other topics. He was president of NASH (North American Society of of Homeopaths) from 2005 – 2014. This book we are told is the first of its kind and he hopes to add more MM to the repertoire.

In the forward are mentioned the words “the homeopathic oncologist”. In the UK we are forbidden to treat cancer and I feel sure this is the same in some other countries. We do of course treat patients who happen to have cancer. We are also told that this Oncology Materia Medica will be available in a digital form with an advanced professional search program.

The format of this Materia Medica is such that there is a chapter for each ‘drug’ (remedy). Each chapter has up to 15 sub-chapters designed to give the information a practitioner would choose, to select a remedy. Looking at the remedy Anacardium as an example, it has the following sub-chapters:

Identification                                     Interations                     Pathogenic Trials

Pathology                                          Etiology                         Pharmacology

Indications                                        Constitution                   Case Documentation

Symptomatology                              Clinical Notations                   Citations

Differential Diagnosis                       Posology


Some remedies e.g. Lachesis, take up 15 pages whereas others e.g. Juglans Nigra take up less than 2 pages. It is interesting to see some of our newer remedies in these volumes like Lac Maternum and Placenta. I am so pleased that Grinney’s proving of Thios in 1998 is mentioned under Pathological Trials of this remedy as it was carried out at the NWCH when I was in training there. Mobile Phone (Mob-Ray) was from the Eyre and the South Downs School of Homeopathy proving. I wonder why Nuala Eising’s Mobile phone proving wasn’t used, as that is the only one I have used in my practice. In these volumes are all the remedies we know and quite a few I have never come across e.g. Alliaria – a plant.

When looking at the Pathology sections each reference to a particular cancer has the abbreviation of where the reference has been found e.g. Sher (Sherr J). I was pleased to see Dr A.U. Ramakrishnan mentioned in Citations under a remedy I looked at. I found that reading the MM of the latest constitutional remedy I had been given, very illuminating, especially the indications and symptomatology.

Since this is a very serious and massive work, I expect it will find a home in offices and clinics where many cancer patients are treated. It will be an especial asset in countries where it is more acceptable for cancer patients to be treated by homeopathy, such as India and South Africa. I believe this book will be in even more demand, when the digital professional software becomes available. For serious homeopaths, highly recommended.

About the author

Rochelle Marsden

Rochelle Marsden MSc, RSHom, MNWCH, AAMET is a member of the Hpathy team, a registered classical homeopath (Society of Homeopaths), and has run Southport Homeopathic Practice in the UK SINCE 1999. Rochelle completed a 2 year post-grad course with Dr. Ramakrishnan and another with Dr. S. Banerjea, and an intense Clinical Training in India with Dr. Ramakrishnan. She is a tutor for The British Institute for Homeopathy (BIH) and is a regional tutor for local homeopathic colleges. She is also a practitioner in meridian therapies, EFT (Cert. Advanced) and Matrix Reimprinting. Visit Rochelle at : http://www.southporthomeopathy.co.uk/

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