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Written by Leela D'Souza

Homeopathic World

Author: Prof. Dr. Ardeshir T. Jagose M.D. (Hom)
Publisher: The National Book Depot
ISBN: 978-81-87540-82-3
233 pages; Soft Cover.
Price Rs. 150/-
Reviewed By: Dr. Leela D’Souza

Dr. Jagose, as I know him, is an accomplished homeopath and lecturer with a charm of his own in his unassuming, gentle manner. I was not surprised then, to see a book prepared by him, that is intended to support us hapless students preparing for our final MD exams.

The syllabus for MD exams, includes everything in the history of medicine since Hippocrates, and everything on homeopathy (Philosophy, Materia Medica, Repertory, Therapeutics) written since 1810 or thereabouts, including its historical development. Does anyone care that we PG students are people with finite human capacities and lives to live? Dr. Jagose certainly does.

He recognized the “urgent need to organize data from various sources and present it in a comprehensive manner“, and he has offered it to us in the form of this book. Following the 1st. Edition, various stalwarts of Indian Homeopathy have offered valuable guidance and suggestions for changes, which he gratefully and graciously received, to take this book to its second edition.

The book is in three parts. The first is devoted to outlining the history and development of medical thought in various civilizations and continents from ancient times. He gives a description of the fundamental understanding in different schools of medicine, not only Indian (Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha), but also Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, Roman, European, etc. on development in medical thought, up to the modern day.

The second part is devoted to the history of homeopathic development in various countries with an emphasis on US, UK and India. The third part is composed of short pen-portraits and accomplishments of legendary masters in homeopathic history – and again from the exam point of view, it is a relief to have a book one can rely on for these details.

I would have liked to see a Bibliography of the books referenced for this work. Not only would it help us in further reading, but would remind us how widely read Dr. Jagose is, to have complied a book of this type. It is possible he will oblige in one of the subsequent editions. I am sure, every PG Student of homeopathy will be thankful to have Homeopathic World.

It is available at:

The National Book Depot
Opp Wadia Children Hospital
Parel, Mumbai 400 012
Ph: 2416 5274, 2413 1362, 2413 2411

Email: [email protected]

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