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I Was Dying / Then I Changed My Mind by Güngör Buzot -reviewed by Thomas Hartman and Elizabeth Hamilton

I Was Dying / Then I Changed My Mind by Güngör Buzot is reviewed by Thomas Hartman and Elizabeth Hamilton.

Author: Güngör Buzot

Pub: Atmosphere Press

123 Pages

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 Reviewed by By Thomas Hartmann and Elizabeth Hamilton

“I started homeopathic treatment in May 2014. By May 2015, I was drug-free, By May 2016, I was cured.…The many years of being ill have shown me…that conventional medicine, the science that I had studied and so earnestly once believed in, was not a great healer of my chronic ailments.”

I Was Dying / Then I Changed My Mind, is the remarkable hundred-page account of a journey from self-effacement to healthy self-respect. By the time she was sixty, the Turkish victim’s advocate Gungor Buzot had been incapacitated by fibromyalgia and was planning her own euthanasia.

She opens her book with an engaging narrative of allopathic treatment for one issue after another, beginning with mistaken diagnosis and a massive dose of diphtheria toxin at six months old. Her illnesses, many of which were iatrogenic, often resulted in organ removal—after sixty years she had undergone twenty surgeries and was addicted to Tramadol: morphine.

At sixty-one, having been talked out of euthanasia, she was an invalid, living with her adult daughter. She had tried acupuncture, yoga, and breathing techniques and had gone to a local homeopath but “I saw her face drop as she looked at my prescription list…My situation was too scary for her to treat”. When her daughter suggested another homeopath, her initial response was, “‘Just leave me alone!”. No more doctors, please!

Fortunately, her daughter won out. After detoxing with the help of homeopathy, she was referred to the highly skilled Canadian homeopath and naturopath André Saine. He was one of the world’s few specialists in Bioccular Transcerebral Ontophoresis, and managed her pain with this little-known therapy, which transmits micro-electrical current through the eyes to the neck, carrying ions such as calcium, magnesium, and iodide to the brain and spinal cord.

Besides fibromyalgia, the treatment is effective with epilepsy, Bell’s palsy, stroke, brain lesions, and other disorders.  She was treated for a total of one hour on each of five days.  Unusually responsive to the treatment, Buzot’s foot pain vanished on the first session, immensely pleasing the doctor.

The final section of the book describes the constructive outlook Buzot developed after her homeopathic treatment: her research into epigenetics, quantum physics, neuroplasticity, and the mind-body connection. It gives some understanding of how and why homeopathy works and is inspiring reading for anyone who is considering alternative treatment.

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  • Great review! Hope many people interested in using homeopathy will be inspired by this amazing book.

  • Dear Elisabeth Hamilton and Thomas Hartman,
    Thank you for reviewing my book. I appreciate you took time to write about it. My intention for writing this book was to inspire people to heal without dangerous conventional drugs. I am grateful that I am healed by homeopathy.
    In gratitude,

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