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‘Miracles of Belladonna’ by Dr. Narendra Mehta

Dr. Manish Bhatia reviews Miracles of Belladonna, a book by Dr. Narendra Mehta, which gives a deeper, often overlooked view of this remedy.

Title: Miracles of Belladonna

Author: Dr. Narendra Mehta

Publisher:  Indian Books & Periodicals Publishers, New Delhi

Soft bound/174p, with DVD /  ISBN: 978-8-1746-7272-8

Price: 20 Euros/ Rs. 200

Reviewed by: Dr. Manish Bhatia

In the Aphorism 6, Hahnemann asked us to be free from prejudice.  One of the prejudices that we often work with, is the classification of remedies in absolute boxes like – Acute and Chronic remedies, Male and Female remedies etc.  The clinical affinity of some remedies is so deeply engraved in our minds that we often miss those remedies outside that specific box. For example, we can miss a Pulsatilla male, a Chamomilla adult, a successful Baryta, or a chronic Belladonna. While the knowledge about clinical affinity of remedies can prove helpful, closing our eyes to the symptoms is nothing but prejudice. This book by Dr. Mehta can effectively dispel a myth that Belladonna is an acute remedy.

Belladonna is known by its keynotes like redness, heat, violence, sudden pains, throbbing, sudden complaints, desire for lemonade etc. We often look for such symptoms in acute cold, fever, or pains. But using the same set of core Belladonna symptoms, Dr. Mehta has been able to give this remedy successfully in several inveterate cases and this book is the testimony of the results that he got.

The book is divided into two broad parts. The first part describes Belladonna in detail, gives a way to study remedies and lists reverse Materia Medica of Belladonna from the repertory. The second part contains all the wonderful case histories, which include cases of Moya Moya Syndrome, Amnesia, Retinal Oedema, Post-traumatic Convulsions, Behavioural Disorder, Macular Degeneration, Subdural Hematoma, Hydrocephalus, and Atrophic Changes in the Brain. Each case is presented with a detailed case history, lab reports, before and after photos, explanation of case taking, converting words into rubrics, repertorization, differentiating the remedies and the remedy response.

The book removes many prejudices about Belladonna and enriches our understanding of this wonderful remedy. The marvellous cures increase our conviction in the powers of classical homeopathy.

The book has average print and poor binding quality. It comes with a DVD in which you can see the cases also. Overall, this is an excellent book due to its content and worth reading by every homeopath.

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  • This review of a book by Dr. Mehta makes an interesting reading. Dr. Manish Bhatia has given a precise gist of the book in minimum words. It will inspire the readers to read this book.

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