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Sensation Refined

Sensation Refined

Author: Rajan Sankaran
Homeopathic Medical Publishers, India
Hardback, 432 pages
ISBN 9788190337878
Price: $95
Reviewed By: Misha Norland

I have read this book with an eager desire for further nourishment and I have not been disappointed. This is because I have been learning more about homeopathic practice from this author for more than two decades than from anyone else. What he has to offer is multi-dimensional. For starters, he is able to express the insights brought to us by the genius of Hahnemann and others in a fresh manner. He speaks of these truths with the ease of a natural teacher. And that is exactly what he is and how it works: various others have transcribed his lecture notes over the past two years, while Antonia deSouza has done a fine job editing this into a coherent whole that reads well. This helps us to recognize the value of the case taking innovations and to understand how the system works.

On the main menu is a continuation of the thesis proposed in ‘Sensation in Homeopathy’ and earlier books. Those who are new to the last ten years of Sankaran’s development as a homeopathic ‘original’ should be encouraged to begin with earlier books in order to become familiar with the concepts and methods therein refined. Here we are invited to share in a deepening understanding through the means of new and beautifully explored cases. It is a delight to follow the logic and the imaginal leaps! I feel that I must expand on this last comment, for it informs my personal and deep appreciation of Sankaran’s work and vision. Simply stated, it is that the marriage of art and science is made visible and expressed.

Now, for the pudding! In my opinion, the greatest offerings on the feast table are the chapters on philosophy, clarifying and expanding the system, showing how to remain flexible within it. As always, each case is different, requiring different entry points, and taking the practitioner on different journeys. It is the vital energy which is leading us, both practitioner and patient, to the source. This occurs when the patient’s reasoning mind and being has detached itself from its limitations of familiar thinking and defending (compensating), and is expressing the source of the disturbance. This may be communicated by unlikely gestures, doodles, dreams, hobbies, reoccurring images – it really could be anything, but it should be expressed directly at the dynamic level by the vital force when it will be a hot-line to the source of the disease, which by homeopathic analogy, is also the source substance. The patient communicates the energy of the source because the practitioner is wishing and willing to receive this communication. Now we can experience it for what it is: which kingdom, miasm, vital sensation and so forth – and from these categorisations we can begin to build a picture of what or who is sitting in the driving seat and ‘using’ the vital force for its own purpose.

Port and cheese to finish. Many of us have beautiful cases and inspired analyses, however only few individuals have the pertinacity and the will to stay on the case and root out the essential last drop, let alone go on to develop a system which is new and elegant, which can be taught and practiced, and which gets folks better on a consistent basis. This represents the rewards of life-long dedication and deepest pondering as well as more than a modicum of genius.

In summary, ‘Sensation Refined’ demonstrates a coming of age. It shows science practiced as art. Furthermore, since many cured cases are from practitioners using the system other than the author, the book shines a light on the fact that this homeopathy rests upon “easily comprehensible principles.” So, a huge, “Thank you Rajan for your refined insights.”

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Misha Norland

The School"™s Director, Misha Norland is a Fellow and a founding member of The Society of Homeopaths. A practitioner now for over 30 years, he was head of Homeopathic Research at the first UK homeopathic college. Widely respected for his teaching and practice skills, over the years has taught many of the world"™s leading homeopaths. An international clinical facilitator, lecturer and author, he is well known for his contributions to journals, conferences and new materia medica. He also teaches and overviews the assessment standards at the School of Homeopathy, New York, and is the principal clinical teacher for the School"™s International Study programme.

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