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Taking Off

Taking Off is a book which is a helpful guide in taking homeopathy from theory to practice, especially for young homeopaths in UK.

Taking Off

Author: Daphne Nancholas
Publisher: Windmill Hill Editions
ISBN – 0-9544877-0-2
Reviewed By: Dr. Manish Bhatia

Homeopathy, as a system of medicine, is still going through a struggle to establish its identity in most parts of the world. The number of homeopathy colleges and homeopaths has increased manifolds in the past 20 years. Still, just like the system, most new homeopaths have to struggle to create their identity in a society where conventional medicine still rules. This process is such an uphill task that large numbers of young homeopaths abandon their practice in the very first year itself.Homeopathic schools teach their students the art and science of homeopathy. The laws are taught with certainty; the clinical wisdom is shared for personal and professional growth. But all those years of screened life in homeopathic schools do not prepare the students with the stark realities of building their practice in (often) a hostile environment.

This book by Daphne Nancholas is aimed to fill this gap. This is a helpful book for new practitioners and its aim is to guide the young homeopaths about the problems they will face once they are on their own and the solutions that can be found for those teething troubles.

The book is neatly written with various sections focusing on various aspects of building a successful career as a homeopath. The author addresses the issue of conflicts in theory and practice and the dilemma faced by the young homeopaths when they find that certain things they were taught in school do not work in practice. These internal conflicts have been dealt beautifully. A section of the book also deals with building healthy relationship with patients.

The book offers guidance regarding many fundamental questions like – How to open a homeopathy practice? How to run your practice from home and from a clinic? How to make yourself known? etc. Daphne also deals with the option of becoming a homeopathic specialist. Issues like building a support structure among the local homeopathic community and continuing professional development have also been taken care of.

The book also provides information about registration bodies in UK and various books, software, and journals that are of use to a young homeopath. In the end there is a short description of some useful Tissue Salts, herbs and Flower Essences.

This book will prove to be a helpful guide in taking homeopathy from theory to practice, especially for young homeopaths in UK. Daphne’s book has created a new genre in our literature and will definitely help the homeopaths who are just – ‘taking off’!


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