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The Table of Animals. The Mammals by Dr. Paul Theriault – Reviewed by Dr. Joe Rozencwajg

The Table of Animals:. The Mammals by Dr. Paul Theriault is reviewed by Dr. Joe Rozencwajg.


Softcover. 588 pages. Self-published at www.lulu.com

Following in the steps of Jan Scholten’s Minerals and Elements, Scholten and Mikhal Yakir Plants, Paul Theriault has undertaken the enormous task of creating a Table of Animals encompassing all living beings that have no roots in the soil. I had the opportunity to review the Mammals’ one, which is Volume 7 out of 11 planned.

After an introduction explaining his approach to this gigantic task and his philosophy of homeopathy, Paul introduces us once again to his favourite method, the trituration, by describing a collective trituration of the animal world, using a remedy made “from the channelled essence of all animals”; in other words, a general proving by trituration of all animals (and not only the Mammals), bringing up a few common themes, mentals, emotional and spiritual.

That’s interesting but it left me wondering, as I would like to see this confirmed by other researchers… of course I am a materialistic practitioner and this method might not be exactly my cup of tea; this does not mean it is not correct: we are at the beginning phase of digging deep and in an orderly manner in this group of remedies.

Then the BSC arises and gives us a summarised zoological classification and evolution of the vertebrates and the mammals, focusing on the important parts.  As a biology lover myself, that was very interesting.

We then revert to homeopathy: each group of mammals is analysed through the animals that are its members: a short description of the animals, living places, behaviours, feeding patterns, then using the provings that have been done over the years, condensing them in one unit while also separating the different authors when necessary, adding some of Paul’s own provings by trituration.

When none of this information is available, a description of the potential utility of the remedy is provided, based on the knowledge we have from its behaviour, toxicity, way of life, etc… interesting hypotheses, opening the door to many future provings.

I was absolutely fascinated by the Lyssinum presentation, reinforced by its trituration and learned a lot of things… if only I could remember them. Another one that attracted my interest was the Cow remedy (Bos Taurus Taurus) with the different variations of cow’s milk, allowing a good comparison between them.

The Pig (Sus scrofa domestica) is particularly interesting inasmuch as most of its different parts and organs have been proved separately and are grouped together here, for the first time as far as I am concerned. A major place is given to the Mind symptoms, a very condensed description of the main physicals, the Miasm this remedy apparently belongs to, the source of the remedy and a list of other remedies that can be compared to the one studied. Clinical cases are presented all throughout the book, when available.

It is a monumental work that is missing an important part for the clinician: a repertory. I guess this will be Volume 12 of the whole table, when it is completed; otherwise, I am afraid it will collect dust on our shelves, which would be a pity. There is too much potential in this work.

Congratulations and thank you, Dr. Paul Theriault.

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Joe Rozencwajg

Dr. Joseph (Joe) Rozencwajg, MD, PhD, NMD, OMD was born in Belgium in 1951. After medical school, he went on to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a surgeon. He subsequently learned Acupuncture, Homeopathy, TCM, Nutrition, Flower Remedies, Aromatherapy, Naturopathy, Reiki and other modalities. He has a PhD in Homeopathy and one in Natural Medical Sciences as well as a Doctorate in Naturopathy and one in Osteopathy. Dr. Joe lives in New Plymouth, New Zealand where he practices exclusively Natural Medicine at his clinic, Natura Medica Ltd. He developed a entirely new series of homeopathic potencies and is the author of numerous articles and the books :The Potency. Advanced Prescribing in Homeopathy, Homeopathy through the Chinese looking glass: Homeosiniatry revisited,. Dynamic Gemmotherapy and, Drainage, Detoxification and Organotherapy. His books are available from www.lulu.com Visit Dr. Rozencwajg at his website: www.naturamedica.co.nz

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