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4 Day Migraine–Homeopathy To The Rescue!

Try to guess what remedy finally stopped this headache!

Mom, it’s time for the quiz!

But first, my usual plethora of important announcements.

Hold on while I look up “plethora”.  Wait a minute, wait a minute, hold on… Plethora.  OK, here it is: an unending aggregation of trivia that no one cares about!

MOM!!!!  We’ll let the audience decide on that!  Announcement the first: the 75th Anniversary of Capitol Records is coming up and they’re re-issuing 75 albums on vinyl.


Mom!!!!  Five of them are Beatles albums (Meet the Beatles, Revolver, Sgt Pepper, The Beatles and Abbey Road) as well as solo albums by John, Paul, George, and Ringo. (and when I say Paul, I mean Wings.)

Did you say Wings?  Zzzzzzz………….

MOM!  Stop pretending to be asleep!

No one cares about Wings!

More to the point, James Taylor’s 1968 debut album…

James Taylor again….?

is also getting re-issued.

Do you have any decent announcements?

Also James Taylor


is touring again next year.

Well great, that’s just great!

He’s playing with Bonnie Raitt again at a couple of ballparks.  I would like to see him but none of them are at the Phillies stadium…


(where I saw Paul McCartney).  I guess I will keep waiting and see if more dates are announced.

Yes, good idea, wait; waiting is good, waiting doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg!

By the way did you know Tavares was apparently on Capitol Records?

Yes, I did; now that you mention it.

Their album “In the City” is on the list of 75th Anniversary vinyl re-issues.  Also I read there’s going to be some docu-series coming out in 2017 about Capitol Records.  It’s produced by Nigel Sinclair/Whitehorse Pictures.  Also, speaking of Capitol Records…

Is that what we’ve been doing all this time?

I read that Barry Gibb signed some sort of agreement with them on behalf of the Bee Gees.

The articles I’ve read say the deal includes the rights to their 22 studio albums, and numerous soundtracks.

You don’t say….?

The article also mentioned “unreleased recordings” and “long-form audio visual projects.”  I’m not sure what that means.

Neither do I.  So let’s just try and forget about it.

But I think it means, Bee Gees concerts that have never seen the light of day, so I’m excited about this agreement with Capitol Records.

Well, that makes one of you.

Mom!!!  All I can say is I can’t think of a better way to honor the memory of Robin and Maurice Gibb.

OK!  Are we done with Capitol Records?

And now for the Death Report!

Oh no!  Not the death report!  Who is it this time?

I have very sad news.

Uh-oh.  Should I be sitting down for this?

Andrew Sachs…

Oh no!  Not Andrew Sachs!  No way!  “Manuel”?  Manuel from “Fawlty Towers”?  The world’s most famous waiter?  OMG!


He died at 86 from Alzhemiers disease.

No way!

So sad. I didn’t know he even had Alzheimers.

I didn’t know he was 86!  Yeesh!  He was a darling man.  Guess what?  He told John Cleese that he didn’t think he could do a Spanish accent, can you believe it?

Apparently in the final months of his life, he couldn’t remember playing Manuel.

No way!

Our readers may remember that we did a “Fawlty Towers” quiz in August 2014 where people had to guess the remedies of hotel owners Basil and Sybil Fawlty played by John Cleese and Prunella Scales.


Revisiting: The Walk of Fame Continues! (“Fawlty Towers”)

Manuel was in the episode but he had so many great moments on the show that I would like to share one of them with you now.

Well, wait a minute; first, here’s Andrew Sachs being interviewed as himself.  

And here is a clip from “Fawlty Towers” where Basil is afraid that Manuel will inadvertently let it slip that he bet on a horse that morning and he doesn’t want Sybil to find out:

In my opinion, this is the funniest show ever!  Good-bye, Manuel, we won’t forget you!

Speaking of forgetting, we don’t want to forget to report on our night at the movies!  Our trip to see “Ole, Ole, Ole” about the Rolling Stones Latin American tour ending in Cuba!  It was very interesting learning about the different countries where the Stones performed.  I didn’t know that their music (or rock n roll I guess I should say) was originally banned in those countries.

No one seemed to like it.  No one liked it here either.  But after Elvis Presley got so popular that Ed Sullivan had to put him on his show, there was no getting the genie back in the bottle!  And then when he booked the Beatles on his show in 1964?  Forget about it!  Rock n Roll was here to stay!  (Maybe we should go out with that, by Danny and the Juniors.)  Rock n Roll is here to stay, it will never die….

Mom!!!!!  Can we get back to the Rolling Stones?  And by the way, I’ve always wanted to say this: Here are The Rolling Stones!

After the movie there were clips of two full-length performances from the Argentina date; “Out of Control” and “Paint it Black”. Here are the Stones doing “Out of Control” from the movie:

So yeah the documentary was great.  It kind of made me want to see the whole Cuba concert which is on DVD as “Havana Moon”.  I also would like to point out that recently I read something about the Rolling Stones planning a new world tour in 2017. I hope to actually be able to see them this time.  Also Bon Jovi is playing the Wells Fargo Center next year.


The show is a month before my birthday.

Don’t tell me, let me guess.  You want to go as a birthday present!  I don’t know, it’s kind of scary.  Leaving you with Paul McCartney was one thing, but Bon Jovi?  Isn’t that Heavy Metal?  You know how I feel about Heavy Metal…


And now for the Quiz!

Who is it this time?

One of the waitresses at Sabrina’s Cafe.

Which one?

Oh geez, I have to come up with a fictitious name.  How about… Rosemary Clooney?

Isn’t that George Clooney’s mother?

It’s a different Rosemary Clooney!  It’s Rosemary Clooney from South Philly!

Oh; well that’s different.

So here’s what happened.  I walked into Sabrina’s after dropping you off at work, like I always do, and “Rosemary Clooney” accosted me the minute I walked in the door:


 Elaine!  Do you have your remedy box with you?

 Yes, I always carry it with me.

 Good, because I’ve had a migraine headache for 4 days!  And it’s really bad!  I wanted to go to the hospital but I have no health insurance.  The pain is so bad I’ve been crying!  My eyes are so sensitive to light, I lie down and the room has to be completely dark and I’m seeing spots in my vision.

 Which side is it on?

 The left side.

 What do you do to make yourself feel better?

I turn on the shower and lie down in the bathtub and let the water land on my head.

 Hot water?

 Yes.  Sometimes I put a hot washcloth on my head.

 Are you worse at night?

 Yes!  How did you know?  In fact, it started at night.

 Here, hold out your hand.  This is _______________30C.  Pop these pills in your mouth, they’ll melt.  Do you have a water bottle?  I’ll go get one.  I’ll sprinkle a few pills into the water bottle and if you need another dose, take a sip of the water.  I’ll come back later to see how you are.


When I came back, Rosemary Clooney had gone home early.  I called her but no answer.  I began despairing that she had gone to the hospital.  I felt like a failure.  The next day I walked into Sabrina’s as usual and was shocked to find Rosemary Clooney there:

Elaine!  You cured me!  You cured me!  My headache is gone!  I went home from work early yesterday, took a dose from the water bottle, laid down and went to sleep and slept for hours!  When I woke up, my headache was gone!!!!


OK, gang; so, what do you think the remedy was?  Write to me at [email protected] and let me know.  The answer will be in January’s ezine.  OMG.  It’s the end of the year already! 

As promised, we’re going out with “Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay” by Danny and the Juniors.  Happy New Year everybody!


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