Ahem! Ahem! Ahem!!!!!

Revisiting: Ahem!  Ahem!  Ahem!!!!!

We have a special guest star as a patient this month! See if you can guess the remedy that cured!

Mom, it’s time for the quiz!

You mean the famous Hpathy Quiz?

Yes, that one!  And sadly I have a death to announce.  (Two actually.)

Oh dear, who is it this time….

First, John Gary Williams of the Mad Lads died at 73.  He’s at the top of the picture below.

OMG!  The Mad Lads?  I love The Mad Lads!  I saw them at the Uptown Theater a zillion times!

I know, Mom, and you’ve seen Brenda and the Tabulations a zillion times, and Jerry Butler a zillion times, and The Temptations a zillion times, and James Brown a zillion times… I know because you’ve told me a zillion times!!!!!  Now, to get back to John Gary Williams, I think he was a founding member of The Mad Lads.  I had no clue there were even any Mad Lads left, and I guess he was the last one.

Robert Phillips might still be alive.   

Here we have their big hit, “Come Closer To Me”, even though he may not be in this video because he was drafted into the Army to fight in Viet Nam when this record came out…

Don’t get me started!

Yes, I know, Mom, a stupid, pointless war.

Couldn’t have been stupider and more pointless!  BUT, at the end of this video, there is a recent photo of him.


Secondly, Willie Ford, founding member of the Dramatics (and bass singer) died at 68.  Willie Ford is 4th from the left below.

“In the Rain” and “Whatcha See is Whatcha Get” were their 2 hits.  The Mad Lads and The Dramatics were both on Volt (a subsidiary of Stax Records), which I think is kind of interesting.


In happier news, I am proud to announce that “The Muppet Movie”…


… turned 40.  Did you have to scream?  I don’t think I’ve ever seen the whole movie.

No one cares, Shana!

It’s not really my favorite, like “The Great Muppet Caper”, or “Muppets Take Manhattan”, or even “Muppets Most Wanted”.

I didn’t like “Muppets Most Wanted”.  It was scary!  Kermit being locked up in a Russian prison.  It’s not right I tells ya!

But, for Muppet fans like me, it’s worth having.

What’s worth having?

“The Muppet Movie”!!!!  Also, come on!  “Rainbow Connection”?  It’s a classic!

If you say so…

Here is Kermit The Frog singing “Rainbow Connection” with Debbie Harry (you know, of Blondie?) backed up by random frogs.

Good grief!


And now for this month’s quiz!  Who’s the star in the quiz this month?


You again?

Shana, haven’t you noticed I’ve been sick?  I’ve been coughing and sneezing…

I was wondering what that racket was.

It was me!  The racket was me!

Oh.  Well, go ahead then with your tale of woe.  I get bored easily, so I’ll just be leaving.

It’s been an unmitigated horror! 

Right, that’s good; go with that!

It started on Tuesday.  I had been missing a lot of sleep for one reason and another, finally I just fell apart.  It started with a sore throat, then came the cough.  Then my eyes started running.  I felt like my face was full of water.  I was dull and besotted looking.  There was a tickle in the left side of my throat and my left lung that made me cough in an unending fashion, a wheezy, whistling-sounding, tight cough. 

It felt like water was pooling in my throat and I kept having to clear my throat over and over again.  Ahem!  Ahem!  Ahem!!!!  My throat was scratchy.  I was worse lying down, which meant I couldn’t sleep at night, so, more sleep-loss!  I’d lie down and start coughing almost right away!  Last night was the final straw!  I felt I had to find a remedy, I couldn’t go on this way with so little sleep!  Usually taking Ferrum phos. right away stops a cold in its tracks, but, no such luck this time. 

So, I thought that the water pooling in my throat and the constant throat clearing might be a clue.  So with that in mind, I took a dose of __________________10M, and guess what?  It worked!!!!  I finally was able to go to sleep, and the next day, which was today, I was actually able to go out and do things.  Now why a 10M?  Because it was the first remedy I saw and when you’re that sick, you’re just not that fussy!

OK, so, if you know the remedy, write to me at [email protected].  The answer will be in next month’s ezine.

Here are The Dramatics with “I Wanna Go Outside, In The Rain…It May Sound Crazy…”

It’s just called “In The Rain”, Mom.

I know, but I felt like singing.

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