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And Now For Something Completely Different–Again!

Shana Lewis


Shana Lewis

Mom, I thought you were never going to do another “completely different” quiz ever again! Remember what happened last time?

Yes, Shana, it was a veritable Magnet for Lunatics! But, what else can we do? We lost all our cases when we had to wipe our hard drive clean! Remember the virus that wouldn’t go away?

Oh yeah, that does sound familiar…..

It was a disaster, Shay!!!!!

Yeah, yeah, whatever; so what are we going to do now?

I’m glad you asked that question because our quiz this month should be a lot of fun!


Here’s the question: How did the following remedies ruin the New Years Eve party?



1. Ignatia
2. Nat-mur.
3. Calc-carb.
4. Arsenicum alb.
5. Argent-nit.
6. Causticum
7. Lycopodium
8. Sulphur
9. Staphyagria
10. Coffea

Now get to work! I want everyone to have fun or else I’m going to have start handing out detentions!

This IS going to be fun!

Send your answers to me at [email protected] See you in December [1]…….

[2] [3]