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And Now For Something Completely Different! – Part 3

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Mom!!!!! What are you doing? I thought we were back to our regular format?!

But Shana! I was just inspired! Inspired, I tells ya! I have a brilliant idea! You know how everyone loves the Peanuts Gang?

They do? Do our readers from India and Pakistan know who the Peanuts Gang are?

Shana, they know who the Peanuts Gang are, and they know who Rocky And Bullwinkle are too! Here they are standing outside their alma mater, Wottsamatta U.

Who, our readers from India and Pakistan?

No!  Rocky and Bullwinkle!!!!  Do you really work here?  Never mind.  I want everybody to watch this Peanuts video called “A Book Report”. Schroeder (boy with blonde hair), Charlie Brown (boy with yellow shirt), Lucy and Linus (boy with red shirt) all have to write a book report for school. They each have a different outlook on doing it which tends to reveal a remedy picture! My question is, what constitutional remedy are these characters and why do you think so? This is going to be the best quiz ever!

I’d like to think so Mom, but that’s what you said after our “How Did These Remedies Ruin The New Year’s Eve Party” quiz when only Nancy Siciliana answered!

But Shana, her answer was epic! It’s destined for the Quiz Answer Hall of Fame!

I did not know that!

Send your answers to me at [email protected] The answers will be in next month’s issue. Oh! And guess who the Homeopath in the Hot Seat is for next month’s  issue?

Um….don’t tell me, don’t tell me…….. Tell me!

It’s ME!!!!!

Wow, Mom; you’re going to be at the top of the ezine and at the bottom!

Shana, this could be our big break into show business! And for this, I think we need Ethel Merman to sing us out with “There’s No Business Like Show Business”!

Let’s go on with the show!!!!!

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