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Another Famous Person Quiz–Muriel and Thurgood Orenthal Stubbs

Thurgood Orenthal Stubbs

The 2 main characters of the satirical claymation show, “The PJ’s”–what are their remedies?

Mom, don’t look now, but, it’s time for the quiz!  And we all know that Firuzi wants you to get the Quiz in on time this month!

What dream world is she living in?

So let me get started with my important announcements.  Announcement the first:  Andy Gibb’s “Shadow Dancing” album turned 40 this month.

I did not know that.

This is the same album that has “I Go For You” on it; I think this is my favorite Andy Gibb album.  Here is Andy in concert, being introduced by his brothers–also known as The Bee Gees.

Real quick, what’s 50 years old this month?

It’s not me is it?

Mom!  It’s way too late for that!  You’ll have to wait until I get to “Things That Turned 70”; which reminds me, James Taylor turned 70 in March.


It’s “In A Gadda Da Vida” by Iron Butterfly that turned 50 this month!

Why are we celebrating the worst record from 1968?

Because without it, we wouldn’t have this totally hilarious episode of “The Simpsons”!

Reverend Lovejoy to the congregation: “And now let’s all stand for ‘In The Garden of Eden’ by I. Ron Butterfly…  Wait a minute… This sounds like Rock and/or Roll…!!!!!”

LOL!!!  So funny!!!!!  Also I can’t forget to mention that the first ever “X-Files” movie turned 20 this month.


Did you say “crazy”?

No, “care-zy” as in “No one cares, Shana!!!!”

Mom, I’m sure that Maria cares!

Maria hasn’t been here in ages–for some inexplicable reason — if she keeps this up, she’s going to need a doctor’s note!

I’m sure that Daddy cares.

Well that’s different.  Never mind!

Anyway, I guess we should start the quiz now since I don’t think there’s anything else of importance to say…

Aren’t we going to see the “Mr. Rogers” movie today?  It’s a documentary.

Oh, right; and I’m seeing James Taylor and The Eagles in concert next month.


And we should probably move this article along for Firuzi and Dr B’s (and I guess Alan’s) sake and I think the quickest way to do that is by having another “Famous Person” Quiz!  Now I usually never introduce quiz cases because I think you’re so much better at it than I am….

I is?

This time I think I will do it, only because I know what I want to say.

What an achievement!

Does anyone remember your quiz answer “REVISITING: Wonder Boy Sneezes 100 Times, Uses Up 100 Tissues”?  I believe we used an episode of the “PJ’S” in that case to illustrate a remedy.  Well, “the PJ’s” are back again!  Season 1, episode 4; “Journal Fever”…

…originally aired January 26, 1999.  Well, we want you to guess Muriel Stubbs’ flu remedy and her husband, Thurgood’s, constitutional remedy.

Mom, please explain to the people what “the PJ’s” is all about.

You’re done explaining already?  OK, this is a very funny, and controversial TV show which only lasted 3 seasons because it offended just about everyone!  It was all about African-American life in the big cities of the United States and it was a little too real for network executives to handle!  First of all, in one sense, it’s kind of a celebration of African American culture, making use of puns and references to songs and famous people that only black people would know about; for instance, the main character’s name–Thurgood Orenthal Stubbs– is a reference to Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American appointed to the Supreme Court…

…Orenthal, which is football player O.J. Simpson’s first name (Orenthal James Simpson)

and Stubbs, which is the last name of Four Tops lead singer, Levi Stubbs.

Levi Stubbs, bottom left

The show also seems to be taking a swipe at how badly black people are treated in this country.  There’s even a reference to police brutality when Thurgood is stopped by a police car for absolutely no reason, but the police decide it’s too cold for them to get out and beat him up, so they order Thurgood to it for them!  “Call it a ‘black-on-black crime’,” they said.

Anyway, so here’s the deal:  “PJ’s” is short for “Projects”–“the Projects”, as in, “We live in The Projects” which are big, tall, government-run, so-called “apartment buildings” in black neighborhoods, famous for broken elevators, broken windows, broken doors, lack of heat in the winter time, crime, and all-around dilapidated condtions because, of course, they’re under-funded!!!!!

So, Thurgood is the building superintendent, which means he’s the boss, he’s in charge.  He’s supposed to maintain the building, collect the rent, etc. but, of course, the tenants have nothing but complaints about him, and his response is generally to treat everyone dismissively in a brusque, rude manner.

In this episode, it’s very cold outside, the dead of winter.  Of course there is no heat in the building, and Muriel catches the flu.

It appears to be a stomach flu.  Thurgood promises to take care of her, but his idea of “care” is bringing her something she didn’t ask for, or something made completely wrong, and bringing it too late; but Muriel feels very needy and wants him to stay with her all the time!  Thurgood wants to watch TV and go on about his life as usual.  He botches every effort at “helping” her.  She wants a can of chicken soup, but Thurgood blurts out, “But that’s MY chicken soup!”  He quickly realizes he shouldn’t have said that.  We easily learn that Thurgood is selfish and has an aversion to responsibility and caring for others, but that’s all I’m going to tell you!  Watch the video and figure it out for yourself, what’s Muriel’s flu remedy and what’s Thurgood’s constitutional remedy?  And P.S., you get extra credit if you can come up with Muriel’s constitutional remedy too!  Keep in mind that Muriel treats Thurgood like a baby, putting on his mittens for him, giving up her leggings so that he can wear them in the cold–and of course, this is one of the reasons why Muriel is sick!– and finally, taking care of him when he comes down with the flu at the end.  Write to me at [email protected] and give me your remedy choices.  The answers will be in the July issue of the ezine.

Bye, see you again next time!


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