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Asthma Since Childhood

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Written by Elaine Lewis

Elaine presents another exciting Hpathy Quiz!


Shana, don’t bother me, I’m trying to find another picture for our “Sweet Soul Music” poster, you know…the one you won First Prize for at the school Black History Month Contest?

Yes, I remember winning that award so well; because when they called my name, you were at the Food Table eating Potato Salad!

I was? But Shana, it was potato salad!!!!! Alright, I plead guilty! I never got a picture of you accepting your award!(Come to think of it, they also had tuna sandwiches, pickles, potato chips….) Anyway, go stand next to it and I’ll take your picture now. And here she is, ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the Black History Month Arts Contest, Miss Shana Dionne Lewis!!!!!

Mom, now that we’ve wasted even more time,don’t you think you should get started with the March Quiz?

Yes, here’s the quiz: Whose picture should we put on our poster next?

MOM!!!! You have to ask a homeopathy question!

I do? Geez, when did the ezine become so restricted?


OK, OK! Here’s the case. Ahem! The patient says she has asthma and has had it since childhood. She’s 40 now. She says her asthma results in a cough, a dry cough. The aggravation time is around 10 or 11 P.M. She’s worse lying on her back, worse relaxing, worse during sleep, sleeps on her right side, she made a big point in saying she’s worse for windy weather/being out in the wind. She’s worse rainy weather, better for cold air, better sitting up/leaning forward, opens the window at night, she gets hot in bed, sticks her feet out, she’s worse for deep inspiration; she feels pressure on the chest, has a choking feeling. Other information: Aversion to eggs (3), desire for milk (3), loves animals and Delusion: someone is behind her. Her nature: forceful and outspoken.

The first remedy I picked was wrong. The day after I gave it to her, she was still coughing! And the cough was really getting on my nerves! It was a dry, hollow, brassy cough and it was going on constantly! I said, I have got to do something about this cough! So, it was at that point I gave her __________30C in a bottle of water, five succussions before each dose, and I told her to take it 3 times a day or when she starts to cough. Well, immediately after the first dose, the coughing stopped! It was amazing, I couldn’t believe it! So what do you think it was? Write to me at [email protected] and let me know. Oh, and let me know who the next face should be on our Sweet Soul Music poster!

Mom! I doubt that our readers even know what soul music is!  Better play the video by Arthur Conley:

You’re right as usual, Shana!  I have to warn everyone, though, that who ever posted it on YouTube chopped off the ending!  (grr!)  And, the person introducing Arthur Conley is a complete idiot; but, other than that, it’s great!  This is an anthem of the ’60’s, everybody!  See you all back here in April!

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