Bad Cold!


Try guessing which homeopathic remedy cured this cold!

Hi Mom!

Hello little Shana!

I guess we should begin with the Death Report.

Always a popular feature here at the Hpathy Quiz…

Sadly Robert Guillaume, star of “Soap” and “Benson”, died last month.

Oh no!  Such a nice man and a super talented actor!

I remember him from the Shari Lewis Passover special.  I also remember him as “Rafiki” from Disney’s “The Lion King”.  Here is a lovely video I found (which is apparently from “Benson”) of Robert Gulliaume singing with Gladys Knight and the Pips.

Now we’re getting somewhere!

Bravo!  Bravo!  Encore!  What a voice!  I can’t believe he didn’t have a singing career!

He sang “Let my People Go” in the Shari Lewis Passover special and he sang as “Rafiki” in Lion King 2 (“Simba’s Pride”), but I had no idea he had such a beautiful voice.  Sad that such a great man had to leave us.

I agree!

Also, apparently in January, AntennaTV will be showing reruns of either “Soap” or “Benson”.

I’ll be watching!

Mom, you might want to sit down for this next one.

Oh no, who is it?

It’s Antoine “Fats” Domino.

Wahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Say it isn’t so!!!!!

Mom!  You’re acting like I did when Glenn Frey died!

Not a pretty picture.  Especially your never-ending updates on Glenn Frey’s death!

Well, it’s still a sin.  It wasn’t his time.  Besides, did I mention that “Fats” was 89?  It might have been his time.  I mean Robert Guillaume was 89 too.  Anyway, Since Fats Domino was from New Orleans, I thought we should play “Walkin’ to New Orleans”, unless you have a better idea.

My idea is that we play all his songs!

Mom!!!!  I don’t think Dr. B will give the “OK” for that!

Maybe it would be appropriate to play “My Blue Heaven”, since that’s where he is now.

I still have another announcement to make!

What is it?

The 20th anniversary of the Bee Gees “One Night Only” concert.

We just lost half our audience!

But we gained Marian!


She answered one of our quizzes and said she’s a Bee Gees fan.

Oh!  Well that’s different.  Never mind!

Here is a song that I think pretty much describes the Bee Gees legacy (at least to me).  It’s “Immortality” featuring Canadian singer Celine Dion, written for her by Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb.

I don’t like it!

Mom!  You are entirely too judgmental!

It’s boring and pretentious!

It is not pretentious!  And if I may make my point…

You know how people say there will never be another Bee Gees?


Well, it happens to be true and I personally think Barry and his brothers are immortal through their music.  Whenever I listen to a Bee Gees song, watch a video on youtube or one of the many documentaries we have, it’s like Robin and Maurice never left us.  One of the lines to the song is, “We Don’t say Goodbye”; so, it kind of fits the sentiment that any person who has left us is never truly gone because of the art they leave behind; so, when you listen to Fats Domino or watch “Benson” or the “Shari Lewis Passover Special”, its like they’ve never gone.  Or something like that.  Find a way to clean that up.

Shana!  We just lost the other half of our audience!

I did not talk that long!  Anyway, maybe we should start the quiz.  Who’s in the quiz this month?

It’s Hillary E. Clinton.

Mom!  That’s Hillary R. Clinton!

No, no, not that Hillary!  This Hillary!


Hi Elaine,

I’d been feeling tired for a few days and woke up irritable with a fever blister on my left upper lip on Friday (often an indication that I’m getting sick). Yesterday I had several sneezing fits and woke up with a headache, tried Belladonna but it didn’t take care of it. Today I woke up with a full blown cold—stuffy, runny nose and sinus congestion; all-over headache that feels like there’s pressure from too much mucus; achy all over, especially my neck, thigh and upper arm muscles, and hands and feet; sore throat and occasional cough, probably from having to breathe through my mouth. I alternate between feeling too hot and too cold, although my head always seems warm. I’ve also had a few dizzy spells from moving, most notably while rolling over in bed. I’ve had spells of feeling really thirsty, too. I just don’t want to move or do anything.

Hope this is enough info…

(BTW, the Sulphur still seems to be working well and I now have both the 1M and 10M Sulphur.)

Hillary E. Clinton


Hillary, going back and forth between too hot and too cold is usually Mercurius.  Give that a try and if it doesn’t work, fill out the questionnaire.


I don’t think the Mercurius is helping. My head is massively stopped up, my nose is running like crazy, and I’m still having occasional sneezing fits. I’m still alternating hot and cold. My nasal discharge tastes salty, if that means anything (surprising, since I don’t eat much salt).



OK, you better fill out the Questionnaire then.

I’m really irritable when I have to do anything (like fill out this questionnaire 🙂

Name: “Hillary E. Clinton”
Age: 63
Male or Female:F
Height: 5’6”
Date: 11/14/17
Email Address: ****

  1. Describe the complaint or complaints in your own words.

Bad cold. My head is completely stopped up and my head hurts as if it’s too big for my skull. My facial bones feel as if someone is pounding them with a hammer. I ache all over, particularly in the muscles in my upper arms and thighs and bones in my hands and feet. I’m having occasional dramatic sneezing fits —lots of loud sneezing then no more sneezing for hours. I’m having coughing fits due to dryness in my throat, which I think is from having to breathe through my mouth due to nasal congestion. Yesterday I had an extremely runny nose and went through a half dozen tissues in an hour. Today my nose is stopped up and only occasionally running. I go back and forth between being hot for a while—and throwing off covers or clothes—and being cold for a while, although my forehead always seems to be hot.
It came on gradually. I was tired last week and I found myself struggling to exercise because I was so tired. By Friday I was feeling really irritable and I woke up that day with a fever blister, which is often an indication that I’m coming down with a cold or flu.  I look old and tired. I have cracks coming out from the sides of my mouth (45 degrees downward)

2. Etiology–

I think it was from fatigue, possibly from the Sulphur homeopathic remedy, probably from overexercising for how tired I was. You’ve told me if I get tired from a remedy to rest, but I tried to push past my fatigue and exercise anyway.

3. Sensation–

I feel as if someone is pounding a hammer against my facial bones. I feel a bit lightheaded and dizzy when I move around.

  1. Location–where on the body is your complaint located?

All over but most dramatic is the facial bone pain.

5.  Modalities and Concomitants:

Modalities–Lying down makes me feel better. Being in a dark room makes me feel better. Drinking a lot of water makes me feel better. Light reading makes me feel better. Heat on my neck and low back makes me feel better. Sitting up and walking around makes me feel worse. Interacting with people makes me feel worse. Being touched (by human or cat) makes me feel worse.Doing nothing makes me feel better

Concomitants–Dizziness, dullheadedness, irritability. Jaw pain, mildly constipated. Occasionally itchy ear canals.

6.  Discharges–I have an off-and-on runny nose with a clear, watery discharge (kinda salty).

7. Generals–I’m hot for a while and cold for a while. It takes me a long time to figure out what to eat because nothing appeals to me. I want to be left alone. I want something sweet but I don’t know what. I don’t want to do anything. Nothing appeals to me.

8. The mentals:

Irritable, dull, indifferent, don’t feel like listening.  

9.  What have you been saying?

“I don’t want to be touched.”

10.  What are you doing?

Lying down, sleeping a lot, reading, avoiding my husband.

11.  Describe your thirst and appetite–

Thirsty, drinking a lot of room temperature water. Nothing really tastes good, so I can’t decide what to eat. I just fix the easiest thing and it doesn’t taste all that good.

12.  Fever?

Don’t know. I don’t take my temperature.

13.  Sweating?

When I have a hot spell I sweat, mostly under my arms and on my chest. No noticeable odor.

14.  Odors?


15.  What is most striking, peculiar or identifying about your condition?

How much my face hurts!  How irritable I am!

16.  Is there a diagnosis?


17.  Describe your energy–

Dull, dopey, stupid, lazy.

18.  What does your tongue look like?

Red, cracks down the middle of the tongue. indentations from the teeth on the front of the tongue. No coating.

19.  If you have a cough, please tell what it sounds like–

Dry cough that hurts, fuzzy sound


Hillary, I repertorized the case and ___________________ came up #1.

Hi, Elaine.  It’s hard to tell if ____________________ did anything.  My nose and head are much less congested, I have a less severe headache centered at the base of my skull.  My face doesn’t hurt anymore…Oh, definitely less thirsty, less irritable, less irritated by light. D’oh. I guess it is working!

OK, everybody, what do you think the remedy was?  Write to me at [email protected] and let me know, the answer will be in next month’s ezine.  Bye-bye!


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

Elaine takes online cases! Write to her at [email protected]

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