Case of the Flu–Client Unknown!

Written by Elaine Lewis

Try and guess this poor guy’s flu remedy!


Mom, let’s get moving with the quiz, we’re late again!

Not to worry, Shana, everything is under control, thanks to our friend Imran from Boston who came down with the flu just in time!

Mom!  You forgot to change his name!

Change whose name?  Oh!  Don’t worry, Shana; by the time everyone has finished looking at my high school class reunion pictures, no one will have any idea who Imran is!

You just said it again!

Said what?

Show the pictures, Mom….

Fine!  OK, here’s the first one.  Can you guess which one I am? 

Oh for heaven’s sake!  You’re the second one from the left! 

From left to right: Alan Meltzer, moi, Carol Polis and Erni DiMassa.

Oh!  And here’s one of Shana!

I look ridiculous!

And here is the class of ’65!  Oops.  I can’t find it.

MOM!  No one cares.  Can we please go on with the quiz?

Whose case is it?

Now I know why Gore Vidal calls this country the United States of Amnesia!


Acute Case Questionnaire

1. Describe the complaint. Don’t forget to include the onset–did the complaint come on suddenly or gradually?

For 4 to 5 days I had a little bit of itchy eyes, felt nauseated, and felt like I had to clear my throat like there was a post nasal drip. Then suddenly on a Friday night two weeks ago things went from bad to worse and I had a very bad sinus headache. Then the pain in my leg came along with the pain in my arms but not quite a bodyache. That week was spent on motrin. Monday morning I tried to run on the treadmill but my legs were sore and I soon ran out of breath, I was exhausted and felt like I had not slept for two days (and I had a full night’s sleep). From then on I felt feverish, tired, nauseated, constantly clearing my throat, my voice is hoarse, eyes red but not itchy anymore. I slept 9 hours last night but this morning my boss told that I looked very tired when I showed up for work. At times I do feel like I’m loosing my balance while sitting down, kinda like sinus. I also feel like I’m out of breath when I walk a little bit or go up stairs.

2. Etiology–


3. Sensation–

I do feel very queasy, if I eat I get bloated or atleast feel like it and feel uncomfortable.

4. Appearance– anything remarkable? Red skin, droopy eyes, etc.?

I guess the face must look droopy since everyone tells me I “look” tired.

5. Location–where on the body is your complaint located?

See answer for 1

6. Modalities–

Cool air such as AC turning on will make me cough or sneeze and also makes me feverish and body aches come on. If I talk for more than a minute I feel uncomfortable in the throat as if I had to clear it. Heat seems to bother me less which is very unusual for me as I get cranky with hot weather.

7. Concomitants

Drooling in sleep, I just thought it was excess mucus but I’m glad I saw it here.


8. Discharges–

I had diarrhea for day or two but that was it. In the morning I have a runny nose but within an hour of waking up it’s gone.

9. Generals–

I’m very low energy, I can’t even bring myself to be cranky. I like to drink hot tea or hot beverage that soothes the throat but then I feel queezy in the stomach. I do crave oranges and orange juice but not too much.

10. The mentals:.

Interesting I’m usually a very feisty person and get very upset when sick but it almost feels like I’m beyond caring. This may sound good but it is NOT me.

11. What have you been saying?

Nothing just for once I don’t feel like yelling or giving lectures to my kids. Once again it may sound like an improvement but it is not. Almost like I have a lot of apathy.

12. What are you doing?

Just wanna lie down and do nothing.

13. Describe your thirst and appetite

I don’t feel like drinking water, I know it’s not good but it does make me more nauseated.

14. Fever?

Feels like low grade fever never took my temperature

15. Sweating?

I do sweat if I move around, usually on the head and neck area. If I exert myself then all over the body

16. Odors?

I don’t know.

17. What is most striking or peculiar about your condition?

I’m usually very energetic, but now I have a very passive demeanor. I think it’s my low energy, feel feverish and don’t want to physically exert myself.

18. Is there a diagnosis?


19. Describe your energy–

Energy is VERY low even my coworkers look at me and tell me I look tired. I feel exhausted from the time I wake up and by the end of day I’m about to fall asleep sitting up.


Rx: _______________30C 4 times a day.


Hi Elaine,

Bad weekend in Mass!!  bad rains and flooding everywhere.  Actually had road closures for main routes. Anyways, here is my situation:

Energy is back up 65 to 70%.

The “cold”, or whatever it was, is not bothering me much, back to being cranky with hot weather :).

Post nasal drip or the clearing of throat is down 80 percent;

Eyes are not burning and have only coughed a couple of times in the past 4 days.

Do have a new problem and don’t know if it is part of the recovery, I had diarrhea on Friday and today. Also had drooling Saturday night.

Overall, I feel great so the question is should I continue with ________________ 30C X4 per day? or should I change dosage.





I said to go to __________________ twice a day for a while until he’s completely well.  Do you know what the remedy was?  Write to me at [email protected] and let me know.  The answer will be in next month’s ezine.  [Actually, it’s here now, click below]

Revisiting: Case of the Flu — Client Unknown

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