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Christmas Headaches!

Written by Elaine Lewis

Gabi has a horrendous headache, what’s her remedy?

Shana, it’s that magical time of the year again!  Christmas, Chanukah, New Year’s and blah, blah, blah.  So much to do, so many presents to wrap—all yours!

All I want is my fair share, all I want is what I have coming to me….

The joys of the season have touched us all!

With one notable exception….

Right!  Our pathetic patient of the month!  Yes, Christmas can be a headache too; just ask Gabi:

Elaine, I woke up with a horrendous sore throat.  I could not speak.  After a dose of Belladona I was able to react; yet, I stayed in bed all day not being able to fully function.  The house was falling apart.  I just fed the kids and plugged them into the TV so I could get rid of them.  I went downstairs when I finally got some help to get away from the noise.  I dozed off.  It was hot downstairs.  When I woke up I had such an intense, bursting headache that was traveling from my ears to my face (sinus) to the top of my head at the occiput, I couldn’t stand it!  The headache happened after the sore-throat went away.  I went up the stairs and I almost threw up from the pain.  I thought I have never had a headache this intense!  I had no appetite and little thirst and I only drank cold water.

Between you and me I had tried Bryonia, Nat-Sulph, and Lachesis with very little reaction.  This is throughout the whole day.  The pain was so violent!  I looked it up in the Repertory even though I couldn’t see to read.  I decided on _____________.  I just took the pellets dry, 1M, and sat.  I could not lie down because as soon as I touched the pillow with my head it became worse.  And Magic!  It was gone!!!!!!!!

Then I went to the MM and confirmed it: bursting and expansion sensations, I could not stand any motion or jarring (the kids were jumping on my bed!) or shaking and at one point I thought, if I could just jump out in the cold it will all go away, and I was very irritable, did not want to see anyone especially not people from the family (therefore my confusion with Bryonia at first).

Mind you this was a bad one; so, I woke up later about 1AM and had to repeat 200c in water.  I took about 4 more doses.  It was all gone.  This morning I finished it off (I mean the whole flu thing) with Gelsemium and I feel alive again.  In only one day!

Yes, Gabi, but you know, I received an angry letter today from an astute (?) ezine reader who reminded me that we’re all nuts!!!!  Homeopathy doesn’t work, according to him (he didn’t sign his name, of course) and we’re all imagining things!!!  (The “Placebo Postulate”, I suspect, only it doesn’t explain why you didn’t “imagine” you’d get better after taking Bryonia!  Pity, because you’d have been better a lot sooner!)  So now, friends, if you know which remedy Gabi “imagined” worked for her, send me an email at [email protected] and the answer will be in next month’s ezine

Oh wait!  The answer is here already, click below:

Revisiting: Christmas Headaches!

Happy Holidays to all of our wonderful quiz readers! See you next year!

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