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Claire’s Daughter Gets a Virus–Suddenly

Try to come up with a remedy for this month’s acute case Quiz

Mom, its time for the quiz.

And once again, we’re late!

That could be because of our trip to the Virginia border, which brings me right to this month’s Report! My cousin Jon got married on September 6th, so we visited lovely Maryland.

Was it lovely? I hadn’t noticed. Where are all the pictures we took?

I sent them to you, remember?

Oops. Sorry!

wedding edited

view from behind wedding 2

We met members of Jon’s band, Electric Sky–Kurt and Tommy–at the reception.

Yes, and a boy asked you to dance, three times!  And I was complimented on my Bee Gees T-shirt!

Yes, and here’s the thing, Mom, it doesn’t fit you anymore.  Can I have it?  Well, on to the death report…

We’re on the Death Report already?

The lead guitarist of REO Speedwagon, Gary Richrath, died.

Aw…what a shame. Who’s Richard Richrath?

Gary Richrath! You may have seen me post about it on Facebook.

How could I have missed that?

He also wrote a few of their songs, one of which is the one I really like called “Take it on the Run”.

He also does great guitar work on a song called “Keep on Loving You”.

If you say so…

Here it is on the Midnight Special. I didn’t know Reo Speedwagon was on the Midnight Special.

It defies comprehension.

Anyway, in non-death news…

We have non-death news too? The Quiz is so versatile!

Jeff Lynne signed a deal with Columbia Records to put out a new ELO album.

Is that sooooooo…?

It’s the first album of new material in fifteen years!

I did not know that!

It seems a lot of people are putting out/have put out new albums after many years of not putting out a new album.

Who knew? It’s shocking.

No, it’s exciting!!! Also, I read that Barry Gibb…

Finally a name I recognize!

is putting out a new album. I just don’t know when its going to come out. Also guess what else?

I have to guess? Wait, don’t tell me, don’t tell me…. I’m usually very good at this…. Um….Does it have anything to do with ducks?

The Rolling Stones…

Oh, The Rolling Stones! That would have been my second guess!

…are planning a new album. I think its all rumors at the moment.

Oh great! So now we’re passing on rumors! Our column has hit a new low.

I’m waiting for more confirmation. I want a new Stones album.

Is this going to cost me money?

Of course if they tour behind the album it would probably cost millions of dollars.

I don’t think I can afford to buy a Stones album for millions of dollars!

No, the tour, Mom! I really want to see the Rolling Stones one day.

Shana, if you’ll remember, the last time you tried to buy tickets for a Rolling Stones concert, you stood in line for hours, and they were all sold out!

Don’t remind me, it’s not fair!!! Wah!!!! Well anyway, Don Henley of the Eagles and James Taylor are going to be on tv to do a PBS music show called Austin City Limits.

Now that’s something we can afford–a tv show!

Anyway, its about that time of year again…my favorite tv shows are coming back for the fall! The Big Bang Theory has its season 9 premiere on the 21st and that new Muppet tv show premieres on the 22nd. YAAAAY!!

Spare me.

I thought you liked The Muppets!

I did, when you were 5!

Mom, in case you haven’t noticed, the Muppets are for the Ages! There’s a new South Park this Wednesday (I can’t believe its been renewed up to season 23.) The Simpsons has been renewed for seasons 27 and 28 and Harry Shearer is back as the voice of Mr. Burns. Grey’s Anatomy will come back for season 12, though I don’t know if I will watch it but I probably will. I feel like it should’ve ended already. My favorite vampire shows wont be back until October.

How tragic. Can we start the quiz now?

What is the quiz?

Claire’s daughter gets a virus–suddenly.

Is that going to be the title?

Good idea, Shana, what would the Quiz be without you? Well, obviously, it would be shorter. So let’s bring in Claire, shall we? And now, heeeeeeeeeeere’s Claire!


Strange “acute” happened last night, Elaine. Everyone was fine, “Matilda” got emotionally upset about something and wandered off to another part of the house. Then she came back to me and wanted a hug; she sat quietly for a while as I was doing something, and then told me she all of a sudden had a headache!

Because of her usual disposition, I thought I would try Pulsatilla because there were no other symptoms. It did nothing. Then, she said she still had a headache but now also felt nauseated! Her face felt a little warm. I gave Ipecac, which did nothing. Not sure what to do next; I asked her, “Did you have a little headache and it got bigger? Or did you just suddenly have a hurting head?” She said it was sudden.

I checked her eyes. Pupils not dilated, no glassy appearance. Hands and feet not cold. She sat on my lap, seemed a little scared. I decided to give her _______________. Within a minute of a dry dose of 30c, she threw up. The nausea was now gone, and the headache was fading and gone entirely by a few minutes past the remedy; she was back to her usual playful, silly self, normal temperature as well.

I don’t know if I stopped a virus from blooming, or what that was exactly, but, I was so happy to have resolved it in minutes! She is fine today, as is everyone else.


OK, everybody! This is what homeopathy is all about, isn’t it? Seizing a threat and sending it on its way before it can do any damage? This is why we should all have a 30C Homeopathy Emergency Kit in our homes!

remedy kit 2

What was the remedy Claire gave? Write to me at [email protected] and let me know! The answer will be in next month’s ezine. OK, see ya soon! Bye-bye!


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