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Come Fly With Me!

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Come one, come all to the greatest three ring circus online!

Wait a minute, Kelly, Dr. B might not like the ezine being depicted as a three-ring circus!

No, no, not the ezine, Elaine, MY HOUSE; also known as, Kelly Young’s Dispensary and Urgent Care! Thursday evening, my 7 year old acrobatic son, one of the famous Flying Wallenda Brothers, decided to try a stunt without a net!

Excuse me, is this anything like his sister’s stunt of last month where she fell over a spinning coin? Because if it is, I have to tell you, I don’t think we can sustain readership indefinitely with an unending array of freak accidents.

Oh no, I promise you, this is the Big Time!

Oh, then do go on!

The littlest Wallenda went careening over a bike ramp as fast as his legs could pedal. He went air-borne, standing up! He lost control of the bike and cartwheeled through the air.

You’re kidding!

No, I’m not…he flipped once, and then landed on the concrete face first!

Yikes! You can’t be serious!

I had been looking out the window when i saw him pedaling quickly down the street and was out the door (mom’s instinct) just before he went airborne, and so witnessed the entire flying-thru-the-air thing (and not with the greatest of ease)!

I don’t remember getting Baby Wallenda into the house and out of his coat and helmet but i do remember the screaming- a high-pitched wail!

I immediately gave a dose of __________ and applied cool, wet compresses to stop the bleeding on his face. He was clutching his right hand-squeezing and unsqueezing it over and over again, he was terrified and panicky but never lost consciouness.

Fifteen minutes later, he was lying calmly on the couch watching television.

What? Wait a minute, you can’t be serious. Let me ask you, in your considerable experience with children’s calamities, what would normally be the outcome of such an incident after 15 minutes?

More crying.

Right. OK.

A little while later, I was able to get the littlest Wallenda into the bathtub in an attempt to get the gravel out of his many facial wounds and abrasions. His hand and fingers appeared cut up, but not broken. After the bath, I applied ___________ to his wounds. Checking for signs of a concussion and finding none, he went to bed and slept peacefully all night.

That, in itself, is amazing.

The next morning, Mr. Wallenda’s face was swollen and I could clearly see that the little split near the eye that was gaping open the night before had closed up.

I started __________________ in a water bottle, sucussed, and gave that several times during the day. I reapplied ____________ to his face after washing throughout the day.

Before bed, I redosed with the first remedy I gave, ____________ in water, succussed. He slept peacefully.

Friday–one day post-accident

We went to the doctor’s and then to x-ray. The left side of his face had hit the concrete, parts of the forehead, the area next to the left eye (high on the cheekbone) and a lot of his cheek were abraided (so maybe 75% of the left side of his face looked “chewed up”. I wanted to take a picture but he said, “No, mom, I look like a monster!”).


By Saturday, which would have been a day and a half after the accident, these areas were lightly scabbed-over.


My son’s abrasions had completely scabbed over. He remained fairly swollen around the eye and temple- the site where the majority of impact took place. One deeper abrasion was still oozing clear matter but almost dry. His face was still painful but he was able to wash it gently with a washcloth and apply ________ now himself.


I sent him to school because all the wounds were covered by scabs.


He started to peel, sheets of scab peeled off daily for a week! What was left was new, pink skin. His forhead still has a red mark (a scar, I think) because on Tuesday a boy in his class fell on my son’s face, ripping the scab off!

A boy fell on your son’s face? Does he know your daughter? Just asking.

So listen, everybody, there were two remedies given here and there was a topical application used. Here’s the question: The first remedy was given twice–right after the accident and the next night before bed. What was the remedy and what was the potency? A second remedy was started the second day and given at frequent intervals in a water potency with succussions before each dose, what was that remedy and what potency do you think was used? Finally, there was a topical application, what do you think that was? Let’s see how well you do.

Write to me as always at [email protected]. The answer will be in next month’s ezine.

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