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Constant Spitting With Sore Throat

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Read the case and guess the remedy!

Mom, it’s Quiz Time again!

It’s very exciting, as usual!

I know, I know! Here’s the way I see it, Shana: First we make a big splash in the Hpathy Quiz, then it’s “Hollywood, here we come!”

You know what else is exciting?

I’m almost afraid to ask!

That the next part of my favorite anime is on DVD in English!


Now, I know the ezine readers don’t know what anime is…

You got that right!

but, to put it simply, it’s animation from Japan.

No one cares, Shana!

I know you’re not fond of anime and aren’t really interested in it, but, I really love it!

And you picked now to go public with this?

Here’s the title of the anime.

She’s still talking!!!!

It’s a continuation of the Inuyasha comic and picks up where the first anime from 2001 left off.

Shana, I liked you better when you were into Heavy Metal.

The whole second anime is 26 episodes and the DVD is in two parts, for some reason.

Maybe you should look into that right away and demand an explanation!

Both Parts 1 and 2 are on DVD now.

Is this going to cost me money?

Here’s a trailer for the DVD:

Also I know you will be interested in this next thing.

Dear God, I hope so!

The sixth season of “Family Ties” is finally coming out on DVD!

Is this something else I’m going to have to pay for?

It’s out in April, after a long wait from season five!

Also one other thing before you present your quiz case. I read an article that the Rolling Stones are planning 18 North American tour dates this year. I know you will probably try to get out of going, but I’m all excited! Nothing else in detail has been mentioned but if they hit Philly, I want to go to the show.

So you have a “news report” about something that hasn’t actually happened!

I guess so. So what’s “The Death Report” going to be this month?

Hello!!!! You took up all our space with your “News Bulletins” on “Family Ties”, a badly-produced Japanese cartoon, and speculation about a non-existent tour!

Oh and consider this, me dropping hints for my 21st birthday on April 22nd.

Shana, isn’t it obvious that you want the 6th season of “Family Ties” and that other thing which I won’t mention?

I guess it is. Who died this time?

Well, Shana, if you must know….I hardly know where to start! There’s so many, I’m afraid I might leave somebody out! But, OK, Bobby Rogers of The Miracles died. He’s behind his cousin Claudette on the left in the picture below. And the guitar player? He died too! His name is Marvin Tarplin. If you want to hear him play, that’s him on the intro to “Tracks of My Tears”, probably their biggest song. However, Mary Wilson says that to hear Bobby Rogers, you should listen to “You Really Got A Hold On Me”. He’s not the lead singer, Smokey is. But apparently you can hear him harmonizing with Smokey in the verses, so, I’m going to play it now. Ladies and gentlemen, The Miracles with “You Really Got A Hold On Me”:

Shana, you know that Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy founded Motown Records, right?

I know that, Mom, I’m not an idiot!

So where were we? Oh! OK, Julius Green of The Mad Lads died! I love the Mad Lads, they were Uptown Theater legends!

Uptown Theater

Mom, need I remind you that no one knows what the Uptown Theater is?

They don’t? It’s the Philadelphia equivalent of the Apollo.

Mom, need I remind you that no one knows what the Apollo Theater is?

OK, let’s just play the record then.

What are we going to play by The Mad Lads?

I have too many favorites! What should I play?

“Come Closer To Me”.

Shana, you have such good taste–occasionally. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a great song! “Oh when you’re in bad with your brother and your sister she’s down on you too…..” The Mad Lads:

What a great song! Now I’m all verklempt.

Mom! Can we just move along? Did anybody else die?

The founding member of The Raelets died, Darlene McCrae.

I don’t think I know her. I only know Margie.

Ah, yes; Margie! Margie died in the ’70’s.

Meanwhile Mom, don’t you think you should tell everybody who The Raelets are?

Indeed, Shana!

Because what’s the likelihood that anybody, other than ourselves, knows who they are?

My guess would be slim to none! The Raelets were the famous back-up singers of the man who everyone considers to be the father of Soul Music, Ray Charles! Shana, get me a picture of Brother Ray!


Now find me a picture of The Raelets.



Darlene’s on the right and Margie Hendricks is second to the left. Why do I mention Margie? She was the soloist and everyone knows her voice! Shana, find me “My Baby”, with Margie’s great solo! This is a live performance. Very rare, I can’t believe it exists; so, you’ll forgive the few glitches in the film, like the fact that it cuts off the beginning of the song! I doubt that anyone’s ever heard this song but me! On the video, Darlene is on the right as in the picture above.

(Here’s the thing, Ray Charles, as great as he was, was not advancing in his career until he got the idea that he wanted girls singing in the background. I know why he did it, it reminded him of being in church.  In fact, Ray took a lot of flack for turning gospel songs into rock ‘n’ roll hits; but, that’s what soul music is!  It’s music from the black church with secular lyrics.  Anyway, when the Raelets joined him? His career skyrocketed! He became as big as Frank Sinatra! Ray Charles never stopped working! He worked right up to the time of his death a few years ago!)

Here are Ray Charles and the Raelets with “My Baby” from the 1960 Newport Jazz Festival:

Mom, don’t get all verklempt again because you still have to do Cleotha (“Cleo”) Staples from the Staple Singers!

OMG! I forgot all about Cleo Staples!

That’s Cleo on the right. The Staple Singers were originally gospel singers but they crossed over with “Respect Yourself” in 1970 and never looked back!

Shana, find me “Respect Yourself”!  “If you disrespect everybody that you run into….  How in the world do you think anybody’s supposed to respect you?”

Here it is, Mom!

Mom, we’re running out of time! You have just enough time left to say that Richard Street and Damon Harris of the Temptations died.

Richard Street and Damon Harris of the Temptations died.

Is there an echo in here? And now you can start the Quiz! Who’s the patient today?

Oh no, I need a fictitious name! Wait, I got it! “Maurie Amsterdam”!

Mom! Isn’t Maurie Amsterdam a writer for the Alan Brady Show?

No, Shana, you’re thinking of Maury Amsterdam, this is Maurie Amsterdam!

Oh, I should have known! So, what is “Maurie Amsterdam’s” problem?

He’s a 4 year old with a sore throat.

Really? I never would have guessed!

Shana, take my word for it, this is a very exciting case! The father filled out the questionnaire. Here it is now:



1. Describe the complaint or complaints in your own words in as much detail as you can. Don’t forget to include the onset (did the complaint come on suddenly or gradually?)

Last night “Maurie Amsterdam” woke up from sleep and complained that his throat is hurting. He also said he wanted to drink water. There was also yellowish green nasal discharge.

After waking up twice for drinking water and complaining of throat pain, I gave him Aconite around 4:00 AM. This did not help much. Actually before going to sleep also he did not feel very hungry. And upon waking up also he was not hungry either. Upon waking up he was still complaining of throat pain. There was some yellowish green nasal discharge. And he was spitting a lot.

2. Etiology–this means the CAUSE, if you know it. What caused you to get sick?

I don’t know. But he did get to swim yesterday evening. Maybe he picked it up from there. But nobody knows for sure.

3. Sensation–describe the pain or other feeling you have.

He says that his throat hurts when he swallows. He is also saying his stomach is hurting. He is not able to describe the pain.

4. Appearance– anything remarkable?

His nasal discharge now appears both clear watery and there is also nasal congestion at the same time.

There are two small red spots on both his cheeks.

5. Location–where on the body is your complaint located?

Throat, Nose. There is also some stomach pain.

BTW he is not asking for drinking water. He is indifferent for thirst.

6. Modalities–What makes your complaint better or worse?

No idea. And I have no way to find out.

7. Concomitants (other symptoms that are “along for ride”)

There is some dry cough sometimes.

8. Discharges–color, odor, consistency and sensation.

Saliva is watery — not slimy.

Nasal discharge seems clear. But it was greenish yellow in the morning. But the nose also looks congested now.

9. Generals–these are all the symptoms that begin with the word “I”:

He says I am feeling sick. But not able to articulate beyond that. He is spitting 4-5 times per minute — yes he is spitting continuously.

10. The mentals: Is the complaint changing you mentally and emotionally?

He is not hyper. He is normal. Not aggressive, somewhat dull — not too much.

11. What have you been saying?

I am sick.

12. What are you doing?

Playing by himself.

13. Describe your thirst and appetite

He is not hungry at all. He is not eating at all.

14. Fever?

No fever.

15. Sweating?

No sweating.

16. Odors?

No odors.

17. What is most striking, peculiar or identifying about your condition?

Spitting 3-4 times per minute

18. Is there a diagnosis?

Pharyngitis, according to his aunt, who is a doctor.

19. Describe your energy



Follow-up questions:

What time did he wake up to complain of sore throat?

2:00 AM was when he woke for the first time. The second time he woke up around 4:00 AM or so.

What temperature water did he want?

He did not specify. I gave him room temperature water and he drank it.

When you say “spitting”, do you mean drooling?

Not drooling, spitting. And spitting 3-4 times per minute.

Does the swimming pool often bother him?

No. Never.

Which side of his throat? Look at his throat and tell me what it looks like. Also what his tongue looks like.

Can’t see and he can’t tell which side. Throat looks normal to me (maybe a little red). Tongue also looks normal.

What size are the two red spots on his cheeks?

The size of dimes, roughly.

Anything more to say about the stomach pain?

He is mostly constantly complaining of throat pain. Stomach pain he is not complaining about it too much. He just said please help me, my throat hurts.

Is he worse talking?

Maybe. But not sure.


He just doesn’t want to eat.

Swallowing food or empty swallowing?

When I ask him to swallow, he spits right away and says it hurts.

Does it burn?

I don’t think so. But area around nose is red.

What does he spit into, a cup?

No matter what we say, he only wants to spit on the floor! Only if we hold the cup for him he spits into it. Otherwise he spits on the floor.

Is he spitting because of excessive salivation or because it hurts to swallow? Does the pain shoot to his ear? Which one?

No, pain shoots to stomach, I think. Because he says when he spits his stomach hurts. He is not able to tell clearly.

Bad breath?


So, there’s no prostration, no desire to lie down?


Is he chilly? Hot?



Observe him and see if he is swallowing at all.

When I ask him to drink water, he actually does swallow it.

Are the red spots mirror images of each other?

Pretty much, I’d say so.

Can he talk without his throat hurting?

He says that his throat is hurting. The thing is he is not able to articulate if it hurts when he swallows or when he talks. But he does say that it is hurting a lot.

And his disposition is average? Normal?

Yes. He is not hyper not very dull. It is normal.

Is he objecting to anything? Like he just objected to swallowing when you asked him to. Is he saying, “Stop, or no, or I don’t want to”, etc. in regard to anything?

He wants a toy. And for the last 30 minutes he is crying that he wants it now. He is outside right now (in the backyard). When we are asking him to come inside he is not — not because he likes it there. but because we are not getting his toy.

Was he spitting in school?

Yes. And they asked us to pick him up early.

Did you try giving him a washcloth to hold?

He doesn’t want to hold. But if we carry a cup and ask him to spit in it he does. But we have to hold the cup.


So, he can swallow water but can’t do empty swallowing?


Can he swallow food?

He doesn’t want to eat anything. Not even try it.

He is Whiny. He is crying even when we said we will get him the toy. OK, now his aunt has gotten him the toy and he has stopped crying. His aunt is a doctor. She says he has pharyngitis.

Does crying make his throat pain worse?



I can wait till you repertorize. Let me know.

Give him _____________________30C.

(Half an hour later)

Is he still spitting?

Yes. But instead of spitting 3-4 times per minute he is doing it once every 1-2 minutes — ever since his aunt got him the toy he is busy playing with it and then spitting less often.

Does this coincide with starting _______________? Because if he can’t swallow, he can’t swallow; it’s not going to change because he’s playing.

Maybe. But his redness is still there.

That doesn’t matter. Pain goes first.

I asked him if his throat is still hurting and he said, “No, not right now.” But he is still spitting once every minute or so.

OK, so here’s what we’ve got: less spitting and less complaining about pain. I have to think that ______________ is working. It hasn’t been that long since you gave _______________ and I’m guessing that this is the best he’s been all day?

I would say so. OK, shall I repeat _____________________ 30C (water dose) every 30 minutes for the next 2 hours?

BTW his play has also started to become a little aggressive and he is a little loud now.

Then his throat must be hurting less! If he asks for food, he’s getting better!

He just did!!! He asked for food! He wants to eat noodles!

Well, that’s it, we’re done!


OK, everybody, do you know the remedy? Write to me at and let me know. The answer will be in next month’s ezine. Bye-bye!

Mom, wait! I have a song to play us out!

A song to play us out? Oh, let me guess! Could it be the Rolling Stones?

Mom, you’re positively psychic! Here are the Rolling Stones with “Dandelion”:


Bye, see you in April!


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