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COVID Case #2

It’s another case of COVID 19 cured by homeopathy, can you guess the remedy?

Hello everybody, and welcome to the hpathy quiz!  We’ll get started right away; but first…well, you guessed it, it’s my daughter Shana with her earth-shaking announcements.  Take it away, Shana!  And keep in mind we have a train to catch!

We do not!  OK, everybody, we have quite the Death Report this month!  Did you ever think we’d be living in a world without Charlie Watts?

No, I never thought about it.

He died last month at age 80.

Shana, don’t look now, but, no one knows who Charlie Watts is!

He’s the drummer for the Rolling Stones!

The Rolling Stones, from l to r: Charlie Watts, Ron Wood, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger


We should have known it had something to do with the Rolling Stones!

Who is “we”?

Me and the listening audience!

He was expected to sit out the makeup dates for the Rolling Stones tour that was cancelled due to covid.  Apparently he had some sort of procedure involving his heart and the next thing I knew, he was dead!

I wonder if he was vaccinated?  It wouldn’t surprise me.  The vaccine is causing a lot of cardio-vascular issues.  See this month’s “Tidbits”.

I can’t imagine the Rolling Stones without him, but they have a pretty interesting choice of drummers sitting in for him.

Were you aware that Steve Jordan was a member of the Saturday Night Live band and the Letterman band?  He’s also already affiliated with the Stones in a way.  He was a member of X-Pensive Winos (a side project of Keith Richards’ and other solo work of his.)  He also played drums on their 1986 album “Dirty Work” along with another guy when Charlie couldn’t be there.

Don’t look now, Shana, but, no one cares about Steve Jordan.

This year also happens to be the 40th Anniversary of “Tattoo You”, a new edition of the album is being released next month with 9 never-before heard songs. “Start Me Up” was the big single from that album and here it is now!  (You can really hear Charlie’s drumming good but that might be because this song got remastered.)

No one cares, Shana!


This year was also the 50th Anniversary of another Stones album “Sticky Fingers”, which is notable for the track “Brown Sugar.”  It was recorded at Muscle Shoals Sound in Alabama, you know, the studio we’ve been writing a lot about lately where so many great songs were recorded, like “Respect” by Aretha Franklin?  I’d play it but I’m trying to keep my announcements short and it’s one of their more scandalous songs, anyway.  “Brown Sugar”, not “Respect”.

You’re trying to keep your announcements short, did you say?  Is that what you’re doing?  Half our audience is gone already!  They left when you launched into Steve Jordan’s extra-curricular work for Keith Richards!  There’s no one here now but Alan and Linda Santini! 

What about Maria?  This is her case after all.

I’m pretty sure I just saw Maria leave with her niece, “Patty Pepperoni”, which is really unfortunate because we also lost one of the Everly Brothers!

Phil and Don Everly

Yes, Don Everly, at age 84.  He was the last surviving of the Everly Brothers after Phil passed away in 2014.

You know what’s interesting?  They didn’t really get along and didn’t speak to each other outside of collaborating over music.  But their distinctive voices were rock ‘n’ roll legends!  Everything they did was a hit, so much so that I don’t even know which one of their records to play!

Play the one Carole King wrote.  “Crying In The Rain”.  By the way, Don is the one on the right.  He always sings the solo part in all their songs:


Bye, Don and Phil, we love you.

Last month we also lost Ed Asner, “Lou Grant” from the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

He played Mary’s boss at TV station WJM.

Cast of the Mary Tyler Moore Show Top row: Rhoda, Lou, Phyllis; Bottom row: Murray, Mary, Ted


They worked in the newsroom and were saddled with a conceited and incompetent anchor man named Ted Baxter.  Ed also provided the voice of a Newspaper editor in a Simpsons episode, the one where Homer becomes a food critic.  Apparently the character was tailored after “Lou Grant”.


Here is Ed Asner as Mr. Grant on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, which happens to be a comedy classic and one of my most favorite shows ever!  In this clip, Mr. Grant bemoans the drop in the ratings of their 6 o’clock News show, intimating that Ted is the reason why.  (Who else?)


Good-bye, Ed, we will miss you! 

We’ve got another covid case for you to solve this month, courtesy, once again, of Maria!  This time it’s her niece, “Patty Pepperoni”.  Maria, are you there?


Hi Elaine, yes, we’re back!

I am writing to inform you about my other case of “covid”.


My niece, “Patty Pepperoni”, 23 years old, called me and told me that she tested positive (self test) for COVID 19.  She was feeling mild weakness, heaviness in head, pain in left lung, no cough, very dry inside of nose, thirstless, sleepiness, nausea.  She could eat only toast (just the bread with nothing on it) otherwise she would vomit.

Good lord!  Another covid case presenting as a stomach flu!  This is why I cannot go along with all the articles I’ve been reading claiming to know what the remedy is for COVID 19, “The remedy for Covid is Bryonia!” … “The remedy for Covid is Camphora!” and so on.  As you can see, the only way you can tell what the remedy is, is by taking the case!

I gave her _____________ 200C in a bottle of water (she knows how to dose).  The next day she was feeling great and tested negative 🙂

Wow, tested negative!  There’s proof for you!  You hit it out of the park again, Maria!

Her boyfriend, they are staying in the same house, also tested positive, had the same symptoms and took ____________ too and he felt great the next day, and tested negative also.

  This will make a great quiz!

I  wasn’t very sure about _______________ but thankfully it worked like a charm!


Thanks, Maria!  Alright, everybody, do you know which remedy Maria gave?  Write to me at [email protected] and let me know.  The answer will be in the October ezine.



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