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Fear of Covid-19

Our patient this time has convinced herself that she caught COVID-19 from a friend and she’s worked herself up into a state! What homeopathic remedy does she need?

Mom, don’t look now but it’s time for the Hpathy Quiz again!

Can we start the quiz now?

No!  I haven’t made my announcements yet!

You have announcements?

Mom!  Stop pretending to be senile.

Who’s pretending?

For your information, this month marks the 45th anniversary of The Spinners’ “Pick Of the Litter” album.

Really?  We have that album!

 Furthermore, you may be interested to know that the man who wrote most of The Spinners’ hits just died at 77.  Joseph B. Jefferson.

Turns out he wrote “Mighty Love”, “One of a Kind”, “Games People Play” and “Sadie”.

Wow!  He must be cleaning up!  Cleaning up!!!

Well, that would be past-tense, Mom.

Even James Taylor covered “Sadie”–I’m surprised you didn’t mention that!

I was about to!

And meanwhile, what was he thinking????

Mom, if we could possibly stay on topic?  Did you know that The Spinners were Joseph B. Jefferson’s groomsmen at his wedding?

No, I did not know that.

Here are The Spinners with one of their biggest hits, and it looks like we had Joseph B. Jefferson to thank for it all along.  “Mighty Love”:

Last month, we also lost Peter Green (founder and guitarist of Fleetwood Mac.)

He’s from the pre-Stevie Nicks era so I’m not that familiar with him.  But I do know he wrote “Black Magic Woman”, a huge hit for Santana in 1970!

He wrote “Black Magic Woman”?  OMG!  He must be cleaning up!  Cleaning up!!!!

Mom!!!  Past-tense, OK?  Past-tense!  Sadly we also lost TV host, Regis Philbin.

Regis Philbin?  You’re announcing the death of Regis Philbin?  An insipid morning talk show host with no talent and no claim to fame other than Dana Carvey’s impression of him on “Saturday Night Live”?

Gee, I sure hope Mrs. Philbin isn’t reading this….

Now I’m gonna get hate mail from all of Regis’ fans!  All 6 of them!

Uh… I think we better start the Quiz.

Yes, I think that would be a good idea.  Well, folks, I’ve been really tough on you with some very long quizzes lately.  Today’s quiz will be quite the departure!  I think you’ll enjoy this one.  Here it goes:



Aug. 3, 2020

Elaine, my friend’s boyfriend, who is a sheriff down here, got COVID and I saw her three days ago.

I stayed about four feet away from her but I did take the products she gave me that were wrapped.  (Lipstick.)

Now I’m freaking out that I could get it!

Today, this afternoon, I’m overwhelmed with sudden tiredness.

I’m so sick of being afraid and full of dread all the time about this virus.

I’ve been following a covid-19 support group on Facebook and I feel so sorry for all of them.  Many of them say they have all kinds of issues months after they recovered!

What am I going to do?  Is there a remedy I can take?


Try a dose of _________________ 200C.


Aug. 4, 2020

Elaine, you were right!  _________________ WORKED!


 OK, that’s it, gang; I told you it would be short!  If you know the remedy, write to me at [email protected].  The answer will be in next month’s ezine.

So, we’re going out with the enduring “Sadie”, by The Spinners, written by the late Joseph B. Jefferson, a song dedicated to a certain gone-by era of African-American mothers, known for their tireless love, hard work and dedication to family.  Here are the “Sadie’s” I was lucky enough to grow up with:

Mary Price and Geneva Gibbs (cousins)

Sadie, don’t you know we love you sweet Sadie….


Place no one above you sweet Sadie

Living in the past….


Here are The Spinners.


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