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“Freight Train” Jumps the Tracks

“Freight Train” Jumps the Tracks
Elaine Lewis
Written by Elaine Lewis

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Sorry, Elaine. I had to take my daughter, the soccer player, in to have her wrist x-rayed. She smashed into the goalie last night at her game.

Well, Kelly, we here at the Hpathy Quiz know all about your extracurricular activities!

Yes, and, if I may speak extracurricularly for a moment….

If you can, please do!

I wanted to just thank all of our readers for the nice letters they sent in requesting more quiz cases and asking why I have been noticeably absent in recent months…

What letters!?

You haven’t gotten letters?

Well, yeah, we’ve gotten letters, we got letters alright, here’s one now: “Dear Hpathy Quiz, the Quiz has never been better! The new kid is great! Keep up the good work! Sincerely, Shana Lewis”

Isn’t Shana your daughter? And isn’t she the “new kid” of whom she speaks?

You must be thinking of another Shana Lewis.

I think it’s time for me to start my case.

If you can, please do!

I call this case, “Freight Train and the Fever”.

Are you aware that “Freight Train” was a song made poplular by Peter, Paul and Mary?

Well, at the risk of sounding like a complete moron, no, I did not know that. Now, if I can possibly begin…. You don’t have anymore announcements, do you? So…. The other day my son, let’s just call him Freight Train–if there are no objections to that– came down with a fever. He had a soccer game that morning and had been playing at a team mate’s house all afternoon.

What?! He was playing soccer at a team mate’s house???

No, Elaine, he was playing at a team mate’s house!

Playing what?

I don’t know!!!

Well, therein lies the problem!

What problem?! Nevermind, I think it’s best that I move on.

If you can, please do!

So, a few hours later I picked him up from the friend’s house and knew immediately that he wasn’t well. He had the flu, I think–it came on like a freight train! His face was deep red as were his ears. I could feel the heat steaming from his head and body! His eyes were watering and he said, “Mom, I’m not feeling too good”. When we got home, I checked his temperature which was 103.5 degrees. He was chilly, a little dizzy when he stood up and not very thirsty. He did drink some icy cold water when offered it. Having no appetite earlier, he hadn’t eaten any dinner.

I gave doses of _____________30c, a total of 4 times within the hour. When the profuse sweat broke out on his face, I knew the fever had begun coming down. A few moments later he vomited. I began to worry but then he fell asleep and, minus one smaller episode of vomiting, slept through the night peacefully. His fever was all but gone the next morning and by that evening, Freight Train was back on track.

So, that’s the case Elaine.

It was charming. And now, Kelly, If you miss the train I’m on, you will know that I am gone, you can hear the whistle blow 100 miles.

Is that by Peter Paul and Mary too?

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Elaine Lewis

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