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Frequent Urge To Urinate During Sleep

What is wrong with this 22 year old? That’s what you have to try and figure out! Solve this homeopathic Quiz.

Mom, it’s time for the quiz again!

Is that sooooooo……?

Yes, that is soooooo……  But before we start with our exciting Quiz, I have a few announcements to make.  I may as well start with the Death Report because it’s rather depressing this time.

Should I be sitting down for this?

Sadly, I have to mention that Daddy’s army friend, Gaynel Hodge, who we met at one of Charlie Horner’s Doo-Wop concerts…

Is it “who” or “whom”?


Who we met or whom we met?

Mom, don’t make me have to report you to Alan–or Firuzi!  And as I was saying…I think it was at Roxy & Dukes, and don’t say “What was at Roxy & Dukes?”  Because I know how you think!  And…  Oh geez, what were we talking about?

Gaynel Hodge died.


He co-wrote “Earth Angel” along with Jesse Belvin, and What’sHisName from The Penguins.  Don’t worry, I’ll come up with it.

Mom we can’t wait here all day!

Hold on, let me get the record….

Williams.  Somebody Williams.  Don’t worry, I’ll come up with it!  They were all in the Army with Daddy, in Germany.   Here you are below with Gaynel Hodge at Roxy & Dukes, it must have been 3 years ago:

Also in Charlie Horner’s News Letter, he announced that Yvonne Baker of The Sensations died.

The Sensations


Daddy has their picture hanging in our house.

Yes, on the wall, as I remember.  Shana, they both recorded for Kae Williams!


Who both recorded for Kae Williams?

The Sensations and The Silhouettes! 

I knew that!

The Sensations’ big hit was “Let Me In” (you can see it listed on the above album, it’s the first song), but  their other song is even better, according to me: “Music Music Music”.


OK, so, onward and upward with the Death Report….



Curtis Williams!  I told you I’d come up with it!  He wrote “Earth Angel” along with Jesse Belvin and Gaynel Hodge!

Earth Angel, Earth Angel, will you be mine….

Mom, we’ve moved on now!   We’re up to Betty Wright!  She had a big hit with “Clean Up Woman” in 1972; she died last month at 66.

But people have forgotten her first song from 1968, “Girls, You Can’t Do What The Guys Do, No, And Still Be A Lady”

Mom, I believe it’s called “Girls Can’t Do What The Guys Do”.

Well excuuuuse me, Miss Pedia!

A British musician named Steve Priest also died.

And…we care about this because…..?

He was a member of a glam rock band called Sweet (if you’re not sure what that is, just think T-Rex’s “Bang a Gong.” )

Well, if I have to…..

He was the bassist/co-founder and lead singer.  The group is most remembered for “Ballroom Blitz” and “Fox on the Run”, both released in or around 1975.

OK, well, I do sorta like “Ballroom Blitz”.

 And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for!  Time to bring out our guest presenter for the month, and here she is now…you all know her and love her…

Maria from Greece!!!!



Thank you Elaine and Shana, it is such an honor to be here in person at the fabulous Hpathy Superdome!

Well, it’s not much of a superdome; but then again what is?

I originally wanted to be anonymous so that you could make up one of your exotic fictitious names for me, but you talked me out of it.

It’s a shame too, because I had already come up with a perfect fictitious name: 

“Schmaria”.   Now I can’t use it!

“Schmaria”?  That’s what you came up with????

I know.  Great, isn’t it?!  Not only is Maria here in the Quiz, but she’s also in this month’s “Repertory Round-Up, part 7”, so, be sure and check that out!  What case did you travel half way around the world to bring us today?

It’s the case of my niece, “Esmeralda”.  Long story short, my 22 year-old niece came to me with a complaint of frequent urging to urinate during sleep.  She was waking up 3-4 times a night!

Good heavens!  That’s way too much for a 22 year old.  Even once would be too much.

She does drink a lot of water per day, though (2 liters).

Is she that thirsty?  This should always be your follow-up question when people tell you they drink a lot of water.  Sometimes they’re only doing it because their doctor told them to, or because of an article they read.  And they’re not really thirsty at all, meaning you can’t take that as a rubric.

She also had involuntary dribbling during laughter sometimes.

I see……..  Well, you know, you should find out if she still has this because she might be making her kidneys weak by over-drinking.

Her occupation is yoga trainer and zumba dance trainer.  She loves to dance, she says dancing is her life.

So I thought of some remedies at first.  But I asked her when did this complaint start?  And she said 2 years ago, when she broke up with her boyfriend whom she liked very much.

I see……….

So after considerable consideration, I gave her __________10M (that potency was all I had) and the next day she told me she didn’t wake up during sleep at all!!!  For the first time in 2 years, she had continuous sleep.

Looks like you nailed it, Maria!  Now she will bring all her dance students to you!  (“My Aunt Maria can fix that!”)  Did it change the dribbling problem at all?  Did anything change other than being able to sleep through the night?

We are on the 3rd week now and she still is doing great.  The dribbling hasn’t occurred to date.  Her deep sleep also increased dramatically.

So, what saved the day was your reminding us again and again…

Wait!  Don’t say it!  People should know it by now!

I had some concern if she needed __________ instead.

Interestingly, they’re both complementary remedies.

But she had indecision for a matter.  Her indecision changed too with the remedy.  She was between two wills, struggling to decide, but after _____________ she made the decision without any effort!


_______________ made her sleepy the first 3 days and improved her mood.

That’s how you know you’ve got the right remedy!  Improvement in mood and so relaxed, they fall asleep!  These are the positive signs we look for after a remedy and if we see them, we celebrate!  Maybe the physical complaint is still there!  We ignore that if we see the change in mood, sleep and the deep relaxation!

She drinks 2 liters of water because she heard it is good for health, not because of thirst.  Common stupidity in the world of gyms.

Charming.  Well, you have to tell her this is very dangerous!  It can weaken the kidneys and lead to things like loss of urine while laughing or coughing or sneezing.  Drink when you’re thirsty, not just for the sake of it. 

So listen, everybody, now it’s your turn!  Write to me at [email protected] and tell me what remedy helped “Esmeralda”!  The answer will be in the July ezine.  See you then! 

Oh!  I nearly forgot!  Let’s go out with Betty Wright’s smash hit from 1972,

“Clean Up Woman”. 

Thanks for the music, Betty; we will miss you!


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

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