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Get on the Good Foot! Part 2

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Elaine, you’re not going to believe this, but, I have a really bizarre pain in my foot.

No way! Are you serious? Didn’t you have a really bizarre pain in your foot last month?

Yes, Elaine, but that doesn’t count because, if you’ll remember correctly, last month’s case was an old case that you thought was too boring to go in the ezine!

Well, Kelly, I hope you realize that we can’t sustain the ezine indefinitely on really bizarre pains in your foot!

Perhaps bizarre isn’t the right word. I think “painful” is the right word, or another word meaning “painful”! I awoke in the middle of the night with a pain in my right ankle. As far as I know I didn’t injure it–yes, I know, that’s what I said last month!–and I don’t think I was bitten by an insect either.

It’s outside and below the ankle bone. It’s a little swollen and reddish. My usually high pain tolerance is depleting fast. It hurts big time! I can walk on the ball of my foot but can’t put alot of weight on it.

I took arnica 200c first thing this morning but then immediately drank a very strong cup of coffee (*&^%!) which was really stupid, so I repeated the Arnica later on and there’s no improvement, though it’s not any worse.

It hurts to move my foot. It hurts to even touch it, BUT after I lightly press/rub it, it feels better for a few seconds. Isn’t that odd?

Seems a little numb too, and it’s also throbbing. What the heck could I have done to it? I did drop part of the tree limb cutter on the top of the same foot the day before yesterday….

You did what? I was about to say maybe you should hire professionals, but, we do need cases….

Any thoughts? Really weird but the darn thing hurts and I have to get some relief as I have to be able to walk!

Complaints, nothing but complaints! OK, take a dose of ________________ 30C and call me in the morning! Oh, and don’t forget James Brown’s advice: &videoID=1470777288


If you know the answer to this month’s quiz, write to Elaine at [email protected] and the answer will be in next month’s ezine.

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