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Get on the Good Foot!

Get on the Good Foot!

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Hey Kelly, remember our July, 2006 Quiz, “Foot Pain Can’t Stand Up to Gout“?

Do I remember?! I remember how humiliated I was! Sure, Caralyn’s father’s gout was interesting, but he had an itchy toe; how does that compare to excruciating foot pain?!

I know, Kelly, but Caralyn’s reportage was engaging and bouncy.



I got bumped for not being effervescent?

Let me put it this way, Kelly: Yes. But take heart, because, you know what? It’s time for your foot to make a comeback!

You mean…

Yes, Kelly, your time has come! Drum roll please! And now, from the Hpathy Ampitheater in beautiful downtown…where are we?…I give you, the incomparable, the irrepressable, Kelly Youuunnnngggggg!!!!!!

I hardly know what to say! What does irrepressable mean?

Your case, Kelly, just give your case!

Right. Good. I’ll start there. Ahem! Um….Let’s see, this was rather long ago…I don’t really remember when my left foot started to hurt but it was sometime in the afternoon–a long time ago. I remember thinking, “Hey, my foot feels funny!” Then funny turned to discomfort and it kept escalating from there. I kinda felt like someone stomped on my foot but only in one small spot- if that makes any sense!

The top of my foot became gradually more painful as it went into evening. By the time I was emailing with you (11pm) I couldn’t put any pressure on it and definitely could not walk!

Amazing! What happened to you?

I don’t know! It felt like the long, thin bones on the top of my foot were broken, beat up or sprained–so bizarre! I don’t even remember hurting it!

Anyway, the pain was pretty intense but I noticed that the backache I had earlier from gardening and lifting heavy patio stones was gone.

I decided to take ________ . I took a 1M dose and went to bed. I woke up later and the pain was really bad! I guess I should have taken a 200C, the 1M apparently caused an aggravation, which surprised me because the pain was so intense, I thought it was a good match, but I guess it goes to show how strong a 1M really is. I tossed and turned and finally fell back to sleep at 2:30. In the morning, the pain was minimal and before the day ended–gone!

If you know which remedy Kelly took, please email me at [email protected]. And the answer will be in next month’s ezine.

Kelly, I hope you will accept my apology for saying your foot pain couldn’t stand up to gout. And apropos the happy ending, here is James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, singing, “Get On The Good Foot”!

Elaine, you rock!

No, Kelly, James Brown rocks!

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